7 Things to do When Your eCommerce Sales Slow Down

7 Things to do When Your eCommerce Sales Slow Down

All eCommerce businesses experience lows at some point in their tenure. Sometimes, you might know when a low point is coming. You might even be able to pinpoint the source – holidays, seasonality, etc. Sometimes, it might be completely unexpected. Before you start freaking out and shutting down shop, take a step back. You don’t have to think of a lull in sales as necessarily a bad thing. Instead, think of it as an opportunity for growth. With some creativity and strategic planning, you can turn this low around. Here are 7 suggestions to bring your sales figures back up. Read More

The growth of Online Stores [Infographic]

The growth of Online Stores

Lots of people around the world love going out shopping to their favorite stores. After all, it’s a great way to pass some time and hang out with friends. But it can also be a nightmare, especially during peak times and holidays.

There can be large crowds, lots of queueing and carrying heavy bags. It is not everyone’s idea of fun. Today, many more people are turning to online shopping and this trend is growing faster than ever before. Three times faster than offline retail, in fact, states the research of Shopping FM. Read More