Why E-Commerce Sites Should Use Coupon Codes?

If you own an E-Commerce site and are trying to reach sales targets by attracting customers, why should we use a discount code is definitely the right choice. Because there are many other advantages of providing discount coupons to customers, such as acquiring new customers, increasing brand awareness, providing return customers, and creating customer loyalty.

In addition, the campaigns that should be known as coupon codes are named in many ways like online4baby discount code, Discount code, discount coupon, promotional code, gift voucher, discount coupon are the most preferred among these. You can choose this name according to the concept of your site or the contents of your campaign.

So, let’s try to clarify how you can present these discount coupons in the most advantageous and correct way, what kind of returns you can get as a result.

What is a Coupon Code?

Coupon Codes are usually presented in a meaningless or meaningless sequence that can consist of a series of letters and numbers. Users who shop from an e-commerce site enter the coupon code in the last stage, which we call “Basket”, and get advantages such as discounts, gifts or free shipping over the total amount. To summarize, it is a fast and special discount campaign that the seller offers for its customers.

Things to Consider When Creating a Coupon Code

Our recommendation when choosing a coupon code is to create meaningful words and phrases. For example, if you will make a 10% discount, it is useful to create “DISCOUNT10” or using the name of your site to create “SITE NAME10”, if it is a special day promotion, “CHRISTMAS10” and so on. In addition, if you are offering coupons to your customers with an agreement with a place, be it our site as an example, “DISCOUNT.IN10” will make your customers feel more special.

Coupon Code Types

Another issue is what kind of discount code you want to create. It is very important to decide what advantage the discount code you have created will provide your customer. When choosing this, you should make the customer happy and not hurt yourself. It is basically divided into two, conditionally or unconditionally. E-commerce sites usually use conditional discount coupons, but you can also offer unconditional coupons to your customers for special occasions and as a reason for preference.

  • Unconditional Coupon Code Types
  • Unconditional discount coupons are the campaigns that offer discounts directly to customers, which are generally preferred to ensure customer loyalty.
  • Discount codes that offer discounts in% (such as 10%)
  • Discount coupons offering TL discount (such as 20 TL)
  • Free shipping coupon codes
  • Gift promotion coupon codes (such as socks gift)
  • Money coupons that can be used directly as gift vouchers (such as 50 TL gift vouchers)
  • Conditional Coupon Code Types

Conditional discount coupons are generally used to increase the basket amount and to provide more product sales.

  • The numbers given below are representative, chosen to serve as an example for your understanding of the logic.
  • 100 TL and above purchases, like the discount code that cheaper 20 TL
  • 20% discount code on the second product for purchases of 2nd and above
  • Free coupon code for a basket of more than 150 TL.
  • 4th product gift promotion coupon for purchasing 3 products in X category
  • As you can see, the conditional discount coupon types are quite high and can be blended and multiplied according to preference.

Coupon Benefits for E-Commerce Site Owners

According to many other campaigns, coupon codes provide an interactive relationship between e-commerce site owners and customers. This provides a strong customer loyalty, as well as making the customer feel more special.

It allows you to be preferred by the customer compared to other competing e-commerce sites where you offer products in the same area.

When presented to a user who previously intended to buy the product or even added it to his cart, it provides customer recovery, which is important in e-commerce, called “Return”.

  • It is easy to follow and thus enables fast analysis.
  • It is very fast and easy to use for the seller and the customer.
  • By increasing brand awareness, you will gain customers in the future.
  • It is the easiest way to get new customers.
  • It is a very attractive campaign type for your social media platforms.

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