Why Your Startup Business Should Hire A Digital Marketing Agency

startup businessEstablishing a business requires resources and strategies to make it successful. Most of the time a business will need help with these strategies — particularly startup businesses.

The profitability of the company requires a demand of leads or potential customers. However, in many situations, the competition is stiff. On these terms, a business like yours probably needs a marketing agency to help boost your sales and establish you as a distinct business from other companies.

What does a marketing agency do for your business?

A marketing agency is a company consisting of a group of people that implement marketing strategies — including digital marketing — for the growth of your business. They aim to improve and cultivate the potential of your business.

An agency will achieve this by carrying out extensive marketing plans to augment the sales and profits of your business. Also, they’ll make ways to generate leads that can be your potential customers now and in the future.

A marketing strategy also promotes your business in the local community and other places that are within the range of your service. They use and integrate offline and online marketing strategies. These include a range of marketing tactics — market research, search engine optimization (SEO), email marketing, social media marketing, conversion rate optimization, and website design and development, among others. These strategies could help your business improve its performance and increases sales.

Reasons Why Your Business Needs a Marketing Agency

A company — especially those starting up — should consider hiring a marketing agency because of the following reasons:

#1. You’ll have help developing a solid marketing action plan

A marketing agency will communicate with you and ask about your goals and strategies for your business. Using this, they will come up with a solid marketing action plan to achieve your business goals. They will create a clear strategic marketing plan that involves customer preferences, lead generation and optimization, as well as a comprehensive analysis of your product, price, place, and promotion. Then, they will help you deploy this strategy in the business world.

#2. You won’t have to worry when you leave your marketing to the experts

Competition among entrepreneurs is very fierce in today’s world. You need marketing experts — like your hired marketing agency — to be on top among the competition. If you employ a marketing agency, you will work with a team of marketing experts who are experienced in the field of marketing. More heads are better than one and having a team of experts could make your marketing — and startup business — truly thrive.

#3. You’ll be provided both online and offline and marketing solutions

A marketing agency will provide the full service — including offline and online marketing. They integrate them both to help you develop a more stable marketing strategic plan. This process could make your business visible to and could effectively brand your business.

#4. You’ll see a long-term reduction in costs

Hiring a marketing agency is less expensive because you won’t be involved with the hassle of recruiting new staff. There is no need to hire another employee — such as a marketing manager, social media manager, and SEO manager. A marketing agency has these people in their team. You will not need to pay health care costs and payroll taxes because the agency is an independent contractor. Also, no need to spend on valuable tools and materials for your marketing campaign because the marketing agency is equipped with all marketing tools.

#5. You’ll experience a boost in visibility on social media

Social media marketing is difficult to maintain, yet it is one digital marketing strategy that is almost always effective. Not an expert when it comes to social media platforms and how to best utilize them? No worries, the marketing agency will be of assistance and will help you with promotion and engagement on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and more.

Do you think it is a right time to hire a marketing agency? Hopefully this article helps you realize that it is. Choose a marketing agency that you think is suitable for your needs and could meet the following above points and attributes. If you’re in Oklahoma, take a look at U-Thrive Marketing and consider having them work with you. Undoubtedly, a marketing agency would be of great help for the stability of your business — especially as a startup.

Internet Marketing Trends Will Make It Big In 2019

digital marketing2018 has been a big year for digital marketing as it has witnessed several trans formative trends, including the rise of voice search and the growing influence of video content. Now that 2019 is approaching fast, there is a need to understand what lies ahead. While there will be some trends that will continue to rule the internet landscape, others will bow out and yet others will surface as new developments. Though nothing can be said with surety, experts have made some predictions related to the upcoming internet marketing trends that are expected to make it big in the digital landscape in 2019. Let us check them out.

User-generated content (UGC) will gain precedence

While conventional content strategy will continue to determine your business ranking, user-generated content (UGC) will emerge as another key aspect of selling and branding. The reason is plain and simple- people have more faith in humans rather than brands. If you have real-life buyers sharing their reviews, testimonials, stores or videos related to the products and shopping experiences, this UGC will add more credibility to your website and brand.

Real users may become blind to ads but they cannot ignore genuine content which is shared voluntarily by people. UGC is not only capable of boosting your sales but also in propelling your brand higher. Therefore, you should be geared up for leveraging this form of content in the coming year. Encourage users to share reviews and product stories on your site and social media as well.

Voice search will grow bigger than ever

The trend of voice search is poised to grow even bigger in 2019. Billions of searches performed today are voice searches and this number will increase as people are already falling in love with the ease of speaking rather than typing while searching on the internet. The rise of voice assistants such as Apple Siri, Amazon Alexa, and Google Assistant is a significant indication of this booming trend. All you need to do is to speak up your query and these assistants have the results ready for you.

From the business perspective, this trend requires you to tweak your internet marketing strategy so that you can keep pace with it. Start by getting SEO-ready, with focus on conversational keywords rather than the conventional search keywords that you have been using. You need to get well-optimized for the mobile as well as a majority of voice searches are done using mobile devices.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) will gather steam

Like voice search, AI is another technology that is already there in the digital landscape but it will also gather more steam in the coming year. Chatbots or virtual assistants are the most widely used form of this technology. A majority of internet sellers have them integrated with their websites and mobile apps because they are as good as human assistants. They enable brands to reduce dependence on human assistants while keeping their customer service on top.

Chatbots are powered by Artificial Intelligence that makes them capable of understanding human language and provide contextual answers to their queries. They are also used to gather relevant user data and information, which can be analyzed by businesses to gather rich customer insights and use them to create effective targeting strategies. In 2019, you will have to make your business AI-ready if you are not already there.

Micro-moments will no longer be “micro”

The coming year will see micro-moments becoming “major”, as far as buying journey is concerned. As the buyers are bombarded by content, offers, ads, push notifications and emails, they have reached a saturation point. There is such a lot of information overload out there that brands are already having a hard time beating each other to get the buyer’s attention. This is where micro-moments come to their rescue as these help them to capitalize on the user’s impulse to drive purchases.

Rather than hand-holding the customer to make them complete their buying journey, you need to drive them reflexively towards closing the transaction. The idea is to hit them with the right content or offer at the right moment so that they buy instantly rather than think and decide. You can do this by getting smarter with strategies such as personalized push notifications, location-based marketing, and cross-selling and up-selling.

Social Media will continue to rule

Undoubtedly, social media has been the mainstay of digital marketing for several years and it will continue to rule in 2019 too. This is where all the consumers actually are and if you think that you can sustain without building a robust social presence, you will end up nowhere. This is the time to revamp your social media marketing strategy as you need to get progressive with technologies such as video content, automation, and influencer marketing.

The key to building a winning social presence will be to go multi-channel rather than focusing only on a single platform. Repurpose your content across the relevant platforms; for instance, if you are running a fashion site, give attention to your brand page on Instagram and YouTube. Being where the buyers are and delivering them the content they are looking for is the secret to success.

Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality will be the reality now

Selling on the internet involves engaging your prospective buyer and holding him long enough to drive a conversion. This is possible only if you think different and provide them something compelling in the user experience. AR and VR are the technologies that are already playing a key role in creating engaging brand experiences and these are poised to become even bigger in 2019.

Several major brands have already set some goals for sellers by using these technologies as a part of their digital campaigns. Now is the time to have them integrated into the shopping experiences you deliver so that your website or mobile app is immersive enough to encourage the buyer to stay and shop.

A lot of effort will go in embracing these trends and you will need reliable technology partners to do so. You can explore this website to understand the significance of choosing a professional digital marketing company that can help you in keeping pace with the upcoming trends. This will be one wise investment for your business because being prepared is the only way to sustain and grow in the increasing competition out there.

Estate Planning- What is it and how does it work?

estate planningEstate planning is an act of preparation for the future. It involves the transfer of your property and assets after your death. Estate planning not only includes properties and your house, but your car, your insurances and other investments, your business, all the furniture and every other big and small thing that you own.  The idea of estate planning may seem scary to some of you, but trust me, it is the biggest and most essential part of your responsibility towards your family. It prevents the misuse of your property and save lots of family disputes.

Everyone needs to plan their estate. It is not the question of your age or retirement, because life is unpredictable and we have to be ready for its challenges.

How does is it work?

  • It all begins with writing up your will. It includes the distribution or transfer of your property, business and other assets among your spouse, children or other friends or relatives. The will includes the name of the trusted person or the executor who will carry out the task of completing the will.
  • The task of preparing and planning your estate needs to be done with lots of considerations and concentration. Handling your home, business and other private possessions is equal to giving a bit of your heart to others. So any hasty decisions should be avoided. You can consult a legal advisor, or even better, you can opt for creating a perfect plan through an estate planning software, which clarifies all your doubts and customize your will in convenient method.
  • Writing the will is not the same thing as estate planning, as people mostly assume. In fact, it can complicate matters sometimes. After the death of a person, the wishes of the deceased has to be passed by the judge or court before transferring of property or money, a process which is known as probate. This case can be interfered with, and exhaust lots of time and money of the suffering members.
  • There are lots of taxes implied on the estate, which are really difficult to handle at the time of death. These taxes can be reduced by taking several steps during the estate planning. For example, a married couple can reduce or finish the burden of the taxes by setting up xyz fund.
  • Choosing a right executor is the most complicated and important part of the process, as it is on his/her shoulders that the responsibility falls upon. The executor is accountable for filing the process of distribution, for evaluating and calculating the assets, taking care of the taxes and debts and acts as an intermediary between the court and family of the deceased.
  • The estate planning consists of planning of the following things: bank accounts, real estate, stocks and securities, jewellery, artwork and much more. You can also include life insurance as part of your estate planning. It acts as the best source of reducing the burden of taxes, expenses and funding of business and future investments.

10 Easiest Tactics to Craft a Viral Press Release

press releaseAccording to statistics, 55.1 percent of the world’s population has access to internet as of June 2018. And with the huge percentage of internet users, approximately 196 million people in the United States used the social media in 2016.

The number of social media users continue to grow. It is predicted that more than 216 million will have access to social media by 2011.

With the surprising statistics, it is imperative for businesses to maximize the potential market when issuing a press release. Competition is so stiff among brands that they need to make the most of their efforts to reach each and every target market, even on the social media.

How do you make your release viral on the social media?

According to Digital Marketing Expert Neil Patel, a viral content is something that spreads widely and rapidly from one internet user to another. A viral content has the tendency to be shared and spread like a virus.

Tactic #1: Craft an engaging and interesting content.

People on the social media are browsing their newsfeed until they find something that is interesting to read on. Since releases are known to be old and boring content, think outside the box on how you can make it attention-grabbing.

Include images, videos, graphs or infographics to attract the audience. Social media users are more on visuals. They are attracted to content that is appealing to their eyes.

Content with images or videos are read and shared more than those that do not have anything on it. Furthermore, choose topics that are relevant to them. You can check https://www.newswire.com/features/distribution.

Tactic #2: Pick the correct social media channel.

Promote your content on the most appropriate social media platform. There are a number of channels to choose from, including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn.

Keep in mind that each platform has their own way of promoting a content and have their own audience. Make sure that you know how you can maximize it. Like for example if you want to share your content on Instagram, you need to compile a number of high quality images.

If you decide to promote it on Facebook, ensure that it is informative, entertaining and shareable. Issue releases that have a catchy and relevant headlines. Audiences should find a reason why they should pay attention to your content.

When promoting on LinkedIn, make sure that your content is relevant to its professional audience. They should find content that can enrich their profession or business. For Twitter, promote content that is trending, interesting and witty.

Tactic #3: Identify and study your audience.

It would be hard for you to craft a viral content if you fail to analyze your target audience. You need to know their needs, habits and behavior. You need to create a marketing persona.

Visualize who your target audience is. You need to know their content preferences, social media behavior, demographic and psychographic.

It would be easier for you if you can have a direct interaction with your potential customers. Observe their interests, perspectives and preferences to know how you can convince them to make a purchasing decision.

Tactic #4: Focus on one story that people would care about.

One fault of majority of marketers is telling their entire story or focusing on all the features of their products. Doing this can overwhelm your readers.

It would be difficult for them to digest this kind of information, and also easier for them to just disregard it. Instead of being too general with your topic, offer a more specific subject to discuss.

Provide a story that they would care about. Going back to the earlier tactic, if you know their needs and preferences, it is easier for you to offer a story that would attract them.

Bring a unique story. Provide something that is not yet offered by your competitors.

Tactic #5: Provide a user-centric story.

Your audience doesn’t care about a new feature of your product or service. They are more concerned about how they are going to benefit from it.

This is why before crafting your story, think what specific need your audience have. Answer how your product or service can solve or provide it.

When following this tip, place yourself in the shoes of your audience. Perhaps, you can offer a solution to a problem they have for a long time, provide tips or techniques, or offer a new information that can change their lives.

Avoid a story that is like a sales pitch. The last thing you don’t want to happen is to look like you are using a release to sell your product or service.

Do not write a self-promotion content. Divert from promoting your company or product too much.

Although a release is an effective marketing tool, it shouldn’t be used as an advertisement. Remember that it should be used to inform and not to sell your offer.

Journalists should see that you are focused on the audience rather than your business. This way, they can easily pick your story for publishing.

Tactic #6: Use hashtags.

Use hashtags or the pound sign in the headline to make your content easier to find on the social media. It is the quickest way to go viral and boost sharing among users.

Today, it is normal to use the hashtag symbol (#) and Twitter handle (@). Include it in your content to increase its visibility.

People using a certain hashtag can easily find your content. Hashtags turn a word into a metadata tag. Using the pound sign helps a user expose their own content to others who are also using the same hashtag.

You can monitor the thread or conversation happening around your brand. You can use the sign on various channels like y Twitter, Instagram, Google+, Tumblr, Pinterest and LinkedIn.

If ever you are going to use hashtags, make sure to use popular ones. If you are a new business, don’t attempt to create your own because there is a lesser tendency that other companies are using it.

Tactic #7: Use video.

One way to easily make a viral release is by including a video in a content. Images are worth a thousand words, but a video is worth millions.

A video can drive more traffic to a site and engage more audience. It also encourages them to share it more across the social media.

Moreover, videos are an easy method to attract your audience, retain their attention and promote a message. It is a powerful form of content that is easy to understand than a block of text.

In order for you to maximize it, make sure to create interesting, clever and creative videos. A video makes the audience want to engage.

Tactic #8: Use images.

Another important element of a release that makes it easy to share on social media channels is images. Use quality photos relevant to your story.

For instance, if you’re announcing a new product, don’t just capture a still photo of the product. Instead, include a picture of your product while in the production.

It should be connected to what you are announcing. Avoid using “stock images.” These aren’t going to describe what you are promoting.

Use images that add value to the story. When adding the description, use keywords to optimize your content on Google Images.

Tactic #9: Incorporate social media sharing buttons.

Today, whenever you share your content on different social media platforms, ensure that there are social media sharing buttons. It makes sharing easy for the users.

You want to encourage users to share your content to as many people as possible right? By incorporating these buttons, you make the work easy and fast.

It is easier not to pay attention to these buttons. However, ignoring them to promote your content can affect the result of your campaign.

With social share button, you’ll get social signals. These days, search engines like Google give credit to content that is mostly liked, shared, tweeted and posted on the social media sites. A content that is shared more often has higher ranking on search results for a certain keyword.

Using these buttons can boost your brand exposure. When you use it, it clearly indicate that your content reaches new customers who may not have been exposed with your brand or content. The new potential customer can again quickly share it on their social media network.

Tactic #10: Blog it.

To maximize the potential of your content to go viral, blog it. However, don’t copy paste the entire release on your blog. Doing this can hurt your search engine optimization as it is considered as duplicate content.

When blogging, summarize your release. Include a link on your blog to boost traffic to your site.

It is also good if you extend the life of your release by repackaging its content and changing your target readers. Use hashtags to include it in conversations happening online.

You can also leverage on influencer marketing campaigns. Publish your release on your newsroom. Encourage bloggers to help you promote it to their followers.

Internet Marketing: The Latest Trends

internet marketingIn today’s world, can you imagine a day without the internet? People depend on the internet for each and everything including doing a research, buying and selling goods and services, for paying bills, playing games, watching videos, online bank transactions, for online tuition and classes, for communication and the list goes on and on.

Considering the fact that the internet has become an integral part of our day-to-day lives, it is really important that you use it as a medium for online marketing and business.

With the technological advancements and new innovations, the practices in internet marketing continue to change and evolve. This means that internet marketing experts need to keep themselves updated about the latest in technology and learn how to apply it. What are some of the latest trends in internet marketing?

Optimization of mobile phones

With a great increase in the use of smartphones, the number of searches on mobiles is above one hundred billion and this will continue to increase each day. Internet marketing designs that target smartphone users are in trend. Marketing professionals at Internet Marketing Phoenix ensure that the websites and advertisements are created in a way suitable for mobile phone optimization.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Drawing quality traffic to websites is essential for successful marketing and sales on the internet. Using Search Engine Optimization the internet marketing professionals create websites and content that work well with search engines. This also responds correctly to the keywords and phrases searched by prospective clients or customers.

Using a  local SEO you can effectively promote your services and products to the local audience when they come looking for the specific products sold by your business. SEO gives you a higher ranking on search engines which helps to draw more traffic to your site thereby creating more leads and increasing sales.

Web analytics for internet marketing

Though it happens behind-the-scenes, web analytics is a main part of marketing online. It is the way by which you analyze the behavior of your website visitors. Based on this analysis measures are taken by the marketing professionals to bring about changes to their website and its content so that it could attract more prospective customers, and retain the existing ones. This will, in turn, add to the growth of a company.

Internet marketing can also be done successfully through :

  • Marketing on social media
  • Content marketing
  • Live videos and other marketing videos

The dynamic nature of the internet industry and digital technology causes one to struggle to keep up with the latest trends. By the time one master the latest trends in the internet industry, a totally new trend that claims to be above all the other innovations enters the industry. Yes, it is important that you keep up with the trends. However, you should also be wise enough to maintain a balance between the successful trends in the past and the ones that are expected to succeed in the future. This is necessary to ensure success in internet marketing.