5 Ways to Improve eCommerce Sales for your Magento Store

Why do smart marketing strategies help to improve eCommerce sales?

Increasing sales is the goal of all store owners regardless of their types of business or the locations they choose to do their business. In the era of eCommerce and digital marketing, there are a significant number of store owners who want to move their business to eCommerce platforms as a digital solution to boost their sales even further. Many and many are coming to Magento thanks to the favourable conditions it provides the users with. Therefore, it comes as no surprise to see Magento stores flourish and this trend shows no sign of stopping at any time soon.

However, moving the business to an eCommerce platform means that you have to use different marketing strategies to improve eCommerce sales for your Magento store. The reason is that simply moving to Magento to create an online marketplace is never going to be enough to make your sales achieve robust growth despite Magento’s already available benefits such as mobile-friendly configuration, versatile content management or widespread accessibility. There’re many stores out there which are extremely profitable, and they’re also stores that couldn’t see any positive results in their sales. The difference lies in smart marketing methods, and they also hold the secret to successful online stores as well as the secret to improve eCommerce sales.

On that account, this article is composed to give you 5 most commonly-used strategies by successful Magento vendors to increase eCommerce sales. If you can make use of these methods and apply it in a clever way to your own store, achieving rapid sales growth is not an unobtainable target anymore.

Which strategies do successful Magento merchants usually use to improve eCommerce sales?

#1. The blog is definitely an effective way of generating more traffic for your Magento store

The blog is an indispensable part of any successful Magento stores not just because it can provide more detailed information of the products to your customers but it also helps to improve eCommerce sales through some of these ways:

  • Blogging helps to improve your site’s SEO ranking: By writing blogs regularly, you generate more content for your website. The more helpful and updated your content is, the higher the chance your articles achieve top results on the search engine. Customers, hence, can find out about your store in general and your products in particular easier as your website becomes more accessible.
  • Blogging helps you to communicate with your customers: Communication is the key to the business of any entity. Good connection with your clients can help you to understand and analyze their demands and shopping behaviors, know what they expect and how you can improve your services. Moreover, harmonious linkage might even help you to attract loyal customers.

Since the extension is an indispensable part of any Magento marketplace, it came as no surprise that you should be able to find a blog extension to help you integrate the blog to your Magento store.

#2. The easy checkout process is a plus point to encourage customers to buy your products

It is estimated that 70% of the customers abandon their shopping carts at the checkout phase due to its complexity and multi-layer navigation design. Most of the customers who come to your Magento store only have an intention in their mind that is to buy the products they’re interested in as quick as convenient as possible. Therefore, it’s your responsibility to make sure you can satisfy them.

Creating a clean, simple and pleasant checkout experience can greatly assist you in keeping the customers as well as boosting them to make more purchases. No one wants to be bothered by complicated registration or sign up forms containing a lot of boxes and questions. These will scare your potential customers away rather than engage them in the content of your website.

You can attain this by:

  • Learning from the best in the industry about their checkout process and thinking of how you can apply that empirical knowledge to benefit your website.
  • Using extensions. Extensions are the best solution for you when it comes to creating convenient features like this for your website. Magento has an extension which is called “One Page Checkout” and this extension will be your most helpful assistant in reducing the complication of checkout and creating an enjoyable experience for your customers.

#3. Customer Reviews are important in increasing eCommerce sales

Customer feedback is another essential part of a successful online marketplace that you should not skip. All of the world’s biggest and most prominent eCommerce websites such as Amazon or eBay all integrate customers’ feedbacks and comments to their website. By reading comments:

  • Your clients can make an evaluation of the reliability of the products as well as services of your store and decide to make the purchase or not. Through honest and actual opinions of real buyers, you can build trust and strengthen your reputation among the customers. They may not believe in what you advertise about your product, but they for sure will believe it to be of high-quality if the majority of the comments about said product are positive ones. If you’re successful in doing this, you can improve eCommerce sales in no time.
  • Your website’s SEO ranking can be elevated: The additional content of reviews and comments can increase your SEO ranking and as a result, increase your products’ accessibility.

They’re both free and commercial extensions that can perform this task for you, but using the paid one can enable you to have wider and more personally oriented customization.

#4. In order for a Magento store to be successful, striking images are of utmost importance

Buying things online can save you time and effort in coming to the exact address to see for yourself. Cheaper price for the product thanks to a reduced expense in-store rental fee is another remarkable benefit of online shopping that no one can deny. However, its benefit is also its disadvantage since the customers are not guaranteed of the quality of the products they want to buy. As they cannot touch or try anything, images become the only thing they can rely on to get a glimpse of what they’re going to have.

For that reason, uploading striking and eye-catching images is very important in order for you to improve eCommerce sales for your Magento store. Apart from taking attractive images, the way you exhibit the images on your website also affects the way customers think of your store. Professional and neat images presented in dynamic and lively image gallery layouts can help you to impress the clients right at first sight.

You can use a Magento 2 extension for displaying Image Gallery to help you with this task.

 #5. The smart navigation menu can help to impress and greatly facilitate customers’ purchase.

When you visit an online store, the first thing you see after the posters and banners is its navigation menu. The primary function of the menu is to introduce the customers to the main content of your Magento store and guide them to choose what they want through the displayed categories.

Managing a huge amount of catalogs is certainly a tiring and troublesome task, especially when your store sells a miscellaneous type of product. To be simple, you can create a sitemap-like menu with links to every page, but it would be very inconvenient and unappealing to the eyes as you add more pages to the menu. Attractive appearance is extremely important to charm and impresses the customers, so that’s why a mega drop-down menu is a must-have feature for a successful Magento store since it’s neat, it’s great for navigation and of course, it gives designers place to showcase their creativity.

By making it easier for clients to search for distinctive types of goods, you’re facilitating and encouraging customer’s purchase and therefore can improve eCommerce sales.

An in order to have a tempting mega menu of your own wish, it’s advisable that you should use Magento 2 extensions for Mega Menu.

Wrap Up

Increasing eCommerce sales is not something you can achieve overnight. With the use of these methods and extensions in combination, you can turn the page and create history for your own Magento store.

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