The Ever-expanding Role of Project Management in the IT Industry

Unprecedentedly, project management has become one of the thriving sought-after skills in the IT Industry. Staying ahead in the throat-cutting business competition is vital to surviving as an organization and this means that the businesses need to heavily cut back on waste. If employees do not have a clear vision about what they are supposed to achieve, timing delays and losses can become common. Poor communication issues and other bottlenecks become the routine of the day in any company that lacks strong project managers.

It is quite surprising for professionals to know that the project management sector is growing very quickly day-by-day. Tons of business groups around the globe who did not have project managers in the past are suddenly putting a heavyweight on project managers.

This fact can also be highlighted by the several groups’ offering of the training programs. These programs have been designed to help professionals to become more accustomed to the concept of project management.

Required Education for Project Managers

Project Management Professional or PMP and Prince 2 Certification are two primary courses available in the market today. Professionals who want to take their career to the next level can certainly think of these two courses. These certification courses are excellent choices for those who wish to validate themselves to potential employers across all the business industries.

Importance of Project Management in Modern IT Sectors

Big enterprises often develop their software in house. Employees and other teams that don’t have experience in handling the non-technical aspects are putting a project at risk.

Have you ever tried to fix something that isn’t clear to you?

Many individuals do not know how to explain things beyond saying that something isn’t working. And this is exactly not helpful when you are dealing with large cloud-deployed servers.

As a result, managers have to deal with all of the following tasks:

  • Structure of existing human capital
  • Fixing the deadlines
  • Adhering to the organization’s specific goals
  • Taking care of technology implementation and migration issues
  • Planning the upcoming tasks

These tasks require excellent communication from the managers.


It’s a vital skill of sets for new project managers to have today. Situations in any IT organization or department can go wrong. Managers need to be cautious about their own emotions and those around them to prevent any pointless topics before it hurts the project and company in the long term.

Project managers need to harness emotions and apply them to tasks as well as control emotions. Project managers are becoming more important than ever before because they can play a major role in a company.

Unbeatable Importance of Human Resource in Information Technology

There are a number of companies that still continue to emphasize automation above everything else, but there is a human angle to project management they are missing. Machines do not and cannot make the best decisions always. They cannot understand the types of emotions that the team members might be feeling.

Bringing a skilled project management professional onboard can mean the difference between trouble and order in the project.

Expanding Artificial Intelligence and Internet of Things

You will not be replaced by limbless drones soon, but you would better ace the skills to play with AI and IoT.

Though the machine learning and advanced aspects of AI and IoT Project are going to capture a lot of space in the coming product and service arena, managing the teams, clients and projects on the same will not become redundant. Embracing the required skills to handle these new-age technologies is the only way forward for you as a project management professional.

Why the tremendous growth?

According to the Project Management Institute ® (PMI), the fact that many experienced project managers are about to get retired has created a large scope for PMP Certified Professionals in the IT Industry.

As shown in Earning Power: Project Management Salary Survey, the ninth edition of PMI’s biennial report found that among those surveyed, salaries of practitioners with the Project Management Professional (PMP) ® certification are 20% higher on average than those without a PMP®.

The PMI Talent Triangle®

The triangle highlights the necessary mix of competencies for a successful Project Manager—a combination of technical and leadership skills plus strategic and business management— as depicted in the PMI Talent Triangle®. IT Sector massively demands PMP Certified Professionals who have the command over talent triangle.

To sum it up

Who doesn’t want growth and high economic returns in their career?

Everyone thrives hard to make their career graph going upwards. As a Project Management Professional, you also want a better cutting edge advantage in today’s competitive and uncertain IT world.

Hence, we saw the great importance of the PMP certification course and its direct impact on your career growth path.

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