All You Need to Know before Migrating to Magento 2 for your Ecommerce Business

Magento is built on the open-source platform that helps beginners, small and medium businesses to create their own Ecommerce platform. The benefits of using Magento is that it gives the full control of the look and feel of online Ecommerce shop, its easy functionality, the content of the shop, flexible cart system.

There are two versions which are in use, Magento 1.x and Magento 2.x and among both Magento 2 was introduced recently in 2015 that offers a great benefits over its predecessor. Due to its new improved advantages and function, it is competing with other available Ecommerce platforms. If you see today Magento holds 15% of the market share. So, if you are in hunt of best Ecommerce platform that will help you to achieve your goal take a look at below key benefits of Magento 2 are listed below.

1) Improved quality and performance of the platform:

Magento platform developers have improved the Magento 2 performance significantly to increase the loading speed of the website running on Magento. It has been believed that the loading speed of the website affects conversion rates. The faster the website better the conversion rates which encourages more recurring sales and helps a website rank in the search engines. Also, the re-indexing in Magento 2 has less impact than Magento 1 which also improves the performance of the platform.

In addition to that, Magento 2 comes with the full-page caching which makes the loading of the website within 2 seconds. It can efficiently handle the catalog pages with no sign of slowing down a bit. Also, as the new updates are released it will continue to get the new features and functionalities.

2) Newly improved checkout system:

The checkout system in Magento 2 has significantly been improved. The steps involved in the checkout are reduced in Magento 2 from Magento 1 which has attributed to the reduction in the number of abandoned carts.

When customers register once they do not need to register every time thus reducing the checkout time. Also, the payment methods are now integrated into Magento 2 which makes customers feel secure while order payments as they do not have to go to the 3rd party pages. It is also integrated with WorldPay and CyberSource to increase security while payments are made. Due to its faster checkout system, the conversion rate has also risen which helps Ecommerce merchants generate more sales. With Magento 2, you can also choose an additional extension to make it easier for your store to pay; Magento 2 custom checkout field extension allows online stores to add more custom fields and display them in different places on the page payment, supporting stores to satisfy customers more efficiently and perfectly.

3) Better front-end and back-end architecture:

One of the best things in Magento 2 is its improved technical architecture then Magento 1. Previously, we were needed to code at some places for themes, extensions, and others. For non-technical people, this could prove to be a headache. They have to hire a technical guy to do those things which resulted in additional cost.

But with the introduction of Magento 2, the file structure has been significantly been improved and simplified for themes and extensions. With the new release, all the codes required can be found in one folder which makes user to modify and remove themes and extensions.

You’ll also have new technologies like CSS3, HTML5, jQuery, and composer which help in customization for the front-end part. Also, with new architecture, the upgrade process has been made simple. For example, upgrading from 2.1 to 2.2 is now simple then upgrading from 1.7 to 1.8. But if you are newbie it is always advisable to get help from Expert Certified Magento Developer.

The beck-end support has also been upgraded which helps manage products and orders. The customization of categories has become simplest ever. The developers have gifted merchants of Magento 2 by making it easier and quicker to sort the products after introducing the option of adding column and grid view.

4) Code Testing Enhancements:

The Magento 1 module was not much of a test-friendly platform for its users. But with the introduction of the Magento 2, the testing capabilities have been made simpler. You can run a number of tests on Magento 2 websites that help in identifying the troubles with code testing which in the past was very hard. Below is the list of tests that can be carried out.

  • integration-test
  • performance test
  • unit test
  • static test
  • migration tool test
  • JavaScript test

5) Improved quality of admin panel interface

Many online store owners found the admin panels confusing in Magento 1 although it offered many tools for customization. But with Magento 2 the quality of the admin interface has been improved. The panel now has become more user-friendly, easy to learn and more responsive.

This allows admins to access the important data from the panel very quickly and helps them manage products, orders, customer data, etc. efficiently which also helps increase productivity.

Magento 1 was only allowed single admin to work which has been eliminated with the launch of the Magento 2. Now multiple users can work simultaneously on a website and can make the products up to date. This type of feature is very essential for the website getting high traffic. With the introduction of drag and drop functionality in Magento 2 which helps new users to make the website ready quickly thus saving precious time.

 6) Increased mobile-friendliness

For increasing the sales of any Ecommerce website in the coming years will be attributed to its mobile-friendliness. As of now, more than 50% of customers use mobile phones for shopping and it is likely to increase to 70% by the end of 2020.

Magento has enhanced the mobile-friendly shopping by its improved speed and faster checkout. Improved functions on mobile devices make customer to shop with ease and has increased sales considerably. You can also use Search Engine Optimization Service to increase your SERP rankings and boost your sales too.


Magento 1 users will benefit from all the new and improved features of the Magento 2 when they decide to switch. Also, there will are so manys 3rd party Magento 2 Extensions available compared to Magento 1 as it comes with those functionalities out of the box.

Magento 2 has been built to give exceptional performance when it comes to website loading time and faster checkout system. Also, Magento 2 is test-friendly in which Magento 1 was lacking. With its improved quality of admin interface and mobile-friendliness, Magento 2 will be proved as a productive and sales-driving force.

Gaurav Jain is a Co-Founder cum Computer Engineer with Extensive Marketing skills who handles all kind of customer Queries and his Happy & Helping nature makes customer's day Delightful. When he isn’t working, you’ll find Gaurav Reading on Books or Traveling. Also, he is Speaker at Meet Magento India.

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