Top 3 Homepage Mistakes that Affect eCommerce Traffic


Your website’s homepage is the entry point for existing and potential customers as well as for stakeholders and investors interested in your business. In eCommerce, first impressions are savagely important, which is why your homepage—or any other landing page for that matter—should be impeccable in all aspects.

Despite the well-known impact of a poor homepage on user experience, a section of online entrepreneurs continues to ignore this critical influencer of digital success. If you know that your home page is not up to the mark and needs a makeover, given below are three common mistakes to steer clear of during the revamp process.

Not addressing the pain points

A good homepage should

  • be well-designed and aesthetically appealing
  • be easy to navigate and free of clutter
  • use high-quality and error-free content
  • inform visitors of what you do through concise and crisp text
  • feature special offers and promotions
  • contain more than one calls to action
  • showcase your commitment to quality, and
  • load quickly

Even small issues can irk a visitor and cause them to leave your site in nanoseconds. If your present homepage is missing any of the essential elements of a good landing page, you want to have it evaluated by a web development expert to pinpoint and fix the problem areas.

Not creating a user-friendly product menu

Does your product or services menu list all of your offerings? Is it easy to navigate and scroll? Are there appropriate categories and subcategories to help users make quick selections? Does each listing lead to the right page?

These are obvious yet frequently ignored issues that plague a number of eCommerce websites. With a host of online buying sites to choose from, users are spoilt for choice and will eventually develop a preference for a website that offers a superlative user experience—regardless of the discounts or promotions, you may be offering.

To retain consumer interest and build brand loyalty in the volatile online market, start with the basics. Hire a reliable and experienced web development agency to revamp your site. Pxlpod Media, a California-based full-service digital agency, prides itself in delivering development and marketing solutions tailor-designed to help eCommerce clients meet their business goals. Visit their site to know more.

Stuffing the home page with advertisements

Nothing puts off discerning consumers like in-your-face marketing through ads. Ads on the homepage are a strict no-no if you want to maintain a clean and inviting look that will encourage the consumer to explore your store.

Some common culprits include pop-up ads (or boxes that look like ads), takeover pages, persistent promotions, and sign-up messages, which make users feel they are being spammed, leaving them frustrated with your site. Remember that an overly busy landing page tends to create anxiety and may leave your customers confused. So emphasize on proper placement, design, size and timing when designing homepage content.

To sum up, the homepage of your blog, e-store or B2B website should encourage customers to stay on, explore, and recommend your website to their peers.

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