Wallet-Friendly Ideas for a Supercool Office Space


Office design can do wonders for a team’s productivity and also make clients curious about your work. It may sound like a mission impossible to you, but you don’t need to spend an enormous amount of cash to turn your working area into a very cool place. There are ways to make it look brilliant even with a low budget.


Before you start to buy furniture, make a list of essential things that you need in the office. Yes, chairs and tables are absolute necessities, but you don’t really need that small decorative table in the conference room, right? Some spaces in your office are more important for your business than others. For example, you will definitely have to highlight the CEO’s office, the conference room, and the reception area. However, that doesn’t mean you should forget about bolstering your workers’ productivity with interesting office design as well – put some graffiti on the walls or a quote from their favorite movie.

Conference Room

The clients should be impressed on every step through your office building and one of the most important rooms for that is the one where you will hold business meetings. Once you’ve brought the table and chairs in, you should work on the functionality. Every presentation is more impressive if you include some video or slides with the most important information, right? That’s why you should definitely think about mounting a TV on a wall in your conference room. Finally, don’t forget those cords that are sprawling across the floor. Hide them with the covers cords so people wouldn’t trip over them.


Believe it or not, you can save quite some money if you buy your furniture wisely. Never buy every piece of furniture from one manufacturer because you can easily find some parts cheaper at the other address. You can even buy some essentials from two different manufacturers, e.g. conference table. Buy the top of it at one shop and look for the legs at the other one. Before you go start throwing away old furniture and buying some brand new pieces, check if it can be refurbished; If so, then go for it. Also, give a chance to pre-owned furniture. With a little bit of creative vibe, you can turn it into a real treasure.

Testing the Space

Even if you are spending money on office furniture carefully you can easily be carried away by all the choices you have. That’s why it’s crucial to bring the essential pieces first and then start with buying additional things. If your office is too small for another closet then put some floating shelves and store your books, files, office supplies and everything else on them. You just saved some space in the room and yet managed to find a perfect spot for all the things you need every day at your job.

Add some personality

Every company has its own field of work and it can be used to add some character in the serious office space. Start with painting one wall in a different color and add your company’s logo on it. If you are a media company, you can create an accent wall by covering it with newspapers or placing a vintage radio on the desk in the reception area. In case your company is making laboratory equipment, hold your pencils inside the tubes on your desk or put some flowers in hydroponic pots.

Chilling room

Every office needs a space where workers can eat breakfast, drink some coffee, i.e. take a break. Coffee station and tea point can look a bit sad if there is no character around the room. Therefore, you can throw some bean bags around the place. Not only will they cheer up the room but will give your diligent workers perfect places to rest. There is no need to spend a small fortune on a wooden floor – go for laminate instead. It is much cheaper than wood and can look even more beautiful.

A touch of nature

Perfect decorations for the offices that won’t harm your budget are definitely the plants. Jade plants, philodendrons or areca palms are only some of the plants that will bring outdoors freshness inside. However, if you are worried that you will forget to take care of them go for artificial plants. Put them in the glass pots, hang them on the wall and enjoy the feeling of being outside by only looking at them.

A warm and inspiring office is a place where people will gladly work and come up with many new ideas. Now you know how to create one.

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