8 Effective LinkedIn B2B Marketing Strategies


With more than 430 trillion users on the site, LinkedIn has become the most preferred professional networking platform. Not only professionals but also the businesses, employers, and job seekers use the platform for their respective purposes. Most of the experienced and veteran marketers devote maximum time to only LinkedIn to create and build a brand’s visibility. It becomes the most effective place for decision makers, influencers, industry leaders. For B2B marketing, professionals use it for the most effective results. In fact, more than 93% B2B marketers recognize LinkedIn, the number one professional social networking platform.

Records reveal that more and more companies whether these are small or large are using social media’s power to generate leads. Understood about the power of social media, many B2B marketers mostly use social media professional networks specifically LinkedIn to their full capacity. In fact, LinkedIn is traditionally used as the most popular networking platform for professionals and job-seekers. It offers plenty of opportunities to market your brand and products and grow your business. By adding LinkedIn to your marketing and branding strategy, you will be able to build a network of targeted connections, reinforce relationships with prospects, generate higher-quality leads and greatly improve your brand visibility.

Here are some useful tips on how to market with LinkedIn to grow your business.

1. Build your LinkedIn presence by sharing content regularly

Posting informative and relevant content on LinkedIn gives you far more reach and influence on LinkedIn, and results in new connections and opportunities in your network. Yes, it is the great way to share your own ideas woven in an article format to reach out the connections interested in the domain which you are from. Unlike other social networking sites where users collect friends and gamers connect to Pokémon, LinkedIn is a professionals’ network where people professionally connect you if they hit upon any professional interest in your profile and your ideas you share with them. That is why sharing information about you, your business and opportunities which you can provide to others, is a great way to engage your targeted audience, but remember only the quality, informative, relevant and readable content can give you the desirable result.

2. Grow your email list

The more connections you have in your LinkedIn network, the stronger business network you can have. It is really effective to build a strong network of worldwide people. You can build it by direct engagement and content-sharing process on LinkedIn. Your continuous effort will get the trust your followers have in you. You effective profile, regular content sharing and participating in other activities on LinkedIn will grow your network of your followers whom you can prompt to join your email list so that they can have updates. You can directly ask for opt-ins from a call to action on your post. You can add hundreds of connections to your email list by asking them to sign up for your newsletter.

3. Put value to the content before sharing on LinkedIn

No need to say that trillions of professionals’ posts and ads are posted on the LinkedIn every year. Professionals and business persons post daily content telling their business story to their targeted audiences. So remember you are not alone to share your story on the particular topic; a large number of persons from the same industry you are from post content daily, so only the content that maintains high value for readers can catch their attention. Make sure that you need to do better than others to beat the competition in the industry. You can include images, video, infographics, and text to tell your business story that actually captures people’s attention.

4. Learn from other competitors

Knowledge is the power which you can gain from others’ experience too. If you are new to LinkedIn, it can take you a long time to be proficient in building a solid and effective strategy on LinkedIn, but if you follow and learn from other competitors, your way to success can be shortened and easier. While starting marketing on LinkedIn, you can observe the strategies of your competitors. You can learn from them how they are serving content, how they engage their targeted audience and what they have accomplished by now. This can help you better understand the marketing trends and opportunities.

5. Boost your company profile visibility in search engines

By indexing your company profile in search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing, etc., you can optimize your company profile. Posting content regularly on it can give you an incredible increase in organic search visibility, relevant referral traffic and unique visitor traffic when you link back to your company profile or landing pages in the content you post. You can view metrics and insights including the engagement level of posts, page traffic, follower demographic and activities on your company profile page. You can see many of these insights on your personal LinkedIn accounts, however, advanced data metrics are available to premium users only.

6. Build visibility and engagement with Groups

By using groups on LinkedIn, marketers can reap the marketing benefits. There are two ways to use the groups on linked. The first way is to engage with existing groups and the second way is to create new group linking to your company profile. This will help you form new connections and engage targeted audience. Through these groups, your main work is to provide answers, participate in discussions and spark up debates. You can use content marketing in groups to create your identity as a thought leader. If you are a good author and storyteller, you can carry influence to brand yourself with your connections.

7. Transform your sales persons Into Thought Leaders

It is better to become a thought leader than a sales person. So if you have your sales team, it would be better to include them in your B2B marketing strategy. You must not consider LinkedIn, a platform for just sourcing leads and hard selling. You should instead encourage your sales persons to become thought leaders ensuring effective content marketing on it. When your sales persons share great content in the format of videos, images and text with prospects and customers, they will be able to greatly increase their personal influence on them. Your prospects will recognize your sales team as the genuinely helpful leader building more trust in both the individual and the organization. This is important for b2b lead generation.

8. Leverage user-generated content or testimonials to generate more leads

After building your presence on LinkedIn, it is great to leverage user-generated content for marketing perspective. You can persuade your customers and vendors to provide valuable testimonials. These testimonials from your satisfied customers can make your brand and individual team members stand apart from the competitors in the industry. These testimonials from peers will work as the major trust signals that can help you generate more leads.

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