Tips To Help Curate Your Perfect EBook

In today’s competitive world, the race to stay ahead of competition has become even more fierce. An e-book offers significant value to your strategy and can help position your brand properly. It is a good way to go in depth with different important issues that may be too broad to cover in blogs.

In its essence, companies typically publish eBooks to generate leads and to engage site visitors from their blog posts to their email-subscription list. An eBook highlights a single burning question or a prevalent problem the average user is likely to face.

Like any other form of content, the time and place of publishing an eBook is of paramount importance. Once you have mastered the art of publishing workflow, you could easily curate different books.

Picking the correct eBook topic is fundamentally the key to success. The absence of a relevant and trendy topic might reduce the impact that an eBook has in developing your digital footprint.

The Importance of EBook for Marketers

EBooks can be a great medium for marketers to dive into the topic and effectively teach their intended audience about the topic. In fact, if you are not publishing an eBook to promote your business, then surely you are missing out on making a great mark in your industry. In the US alone, eBooks sales accounted for almost $8.6 billion in the year 2018.

More readers now prefer eBooks over traditional hardback books.

Tips to Curate the Perfect E-Book

Here are some elements that can help you come up with a good script for the book.

  • Goal Setting

Before you get started brainstorming, writing and selling your first e-book, it is important to understand exactly how your book fits within your business goals. The most critical aspect here is the clarity of thought; you should be crystal clear with the goals you want to attain after publishing the written piece of work. It is highly imperative for you to make sure your e-book is designed to obtain the target you are setting and if for instance it’s not going closer to the intended aim, then it’s time to consider other monetization efforts.

  • Understanding the Audience

When you spend considerable amount of time in marketing, then you are quite likely to have valuable idea who you want to attract as customers. An effective way to do this is by combining customer surveys, and online research with data via social analyst and web.

This analysis helps you in getting to the demographics of the audience, gives you a clear picture of the age, gender and education level of the customers. It also helps in signaling the key interests of the client, as Twitter illustrates.


  • Think of an Appealing Title

Once you have gone through the previously mentioned aspects, the next big thing is to have an appealing title for your eBook. The subtopics should also help you zero in on the angle you want your book to cater. Following are some of the headline templates you can consider for your first published content.

  • The Ultimate Guide to {Topic of eBook}
  • How To {Topic of eBook}
  • The Beginners Guide to {Topic of eBook}
  • Monitor Your High-Performing Pages

When you are a player in the modern-day digital setup then you should be constantly on your toes. You should be eyeing your high-performing content, as it can offer insight on eBook titles that can help your strategy.

High-Performing Pages(Source:

  • Develop an Outline

After the process of finalizing the book title, you can start pondering on the content part of the book. The layout of the book has a lot of significance. Based on the goals of your book, you can categorize the topic by chapters, modules, steps and themes. The mega dependence is on the extent and magnitude of your knowledge of the customers.

  • Remain Focused

There is no denying the fact writing the first eBook can be somewhat tricky and challenging. While having a thorough writing schedule can help, staying dedicated will help a great deal in keeping you on the track in the publishing phase of the eBook.

  • Competitor Research

You don’t work in isolation; the competitors are there hunting the same market. If a renowned competitor is doing something that is liked by the masses, it invariably means they have invested careful research into it. While you don’t want to be doing the same thing as that your competition is doing, but you can always take a leaf out of their research and develop something on your own.

  • Choosing the Right EBook Format

Perhaps the most important decision to make before creating an eBook. Is deciding the right format for your books and picking the best one from the option list. If you have troubles converting the format consider using an external resource such as,, or any other renowned service provider.

Until quite recently, PDFs were the most liked and preferred format for delivering e-books and even still they are quite popular. The biggest reason for this is the ease of creation, and they worked well on PCs. However, this format doesn’t resize or reflow correctly; consequently readers can have a pretty poor experience.

Amazon majorly dominates the e-reader space which is exactly why it’s important to offer the Kindle format. With the right tool in place, creating a Kindle eBook can merely be a one-click process.

Final Word

In the modern era, more and more authors are publishing today, thanks chiefly due to the amazing ease of self-published books and eBook distribution. Not only do eBooks, and publishing a book in the eBook format aid you in ramping up authority, market audience, and influence, but also helps in creating the beginning of what could become a strong passive income stream with massive book sales. A carefully developed series of steps can help you develop the perfect eBook!

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