How To Up Your Writing Game In 2019: 6 Tips For SEO Copywriters

Writing attention-catching, concise, informative, and keyword-filled texts is complicated, to begin with. Following the ever-changing writing trends is even harder. Each New Year brings its own approaches to copywriting.

Since the importance of SEO can’t be underestimated, it’s highly important to follow the changes and assimilate them to create new masterpieces. We’ve collected a set of 2019 Web copywriting trends to help you improve your writing game.

#1. Improving The Value

Long gone are the days when you were creating content just to make space for the necessary keywords. Today, it should have real value. The more valuable the text is, the user is more likely to read it until the end, thus showing Google that your webpage is worth moving up to the first pages.

You should be considering the needs of your target audience before elaborating on what doesn’t need to be elaborated on. Some people just need cold hard facts. Give it to them. Others (for example, healthcare industry audience) requires extensive elaboration in order to get real value from the text.

When creating high-value content, consider using the services of proofreaders and professional editors in order to tweak it. As Michelle Morgan, fiction editor explains, after working on a text for an extended period of time, writers often fail to notice their own mistakes.

#2. Increasing The Content Volume

You aren’t still writing 300-word articles, are you? Leave them in 2018. The optimal article length of today is at least 1200 words. When it comes to solving a person’s problem with information, 500 is far from being enough. Having between 1600 and 2000 words (all other factors being equal) has the highest chance of placing you in the top 10 Google positions

These days, Google is closely monitoring websites with scarce information and putting them on the last pages. Your article should extensively deal with a problem instead of forcing the user to search other pages.

Going deep into the subject is one of the most important SEO copywriting trends of 2019.

#3. Monitoring The Link Quality

While writing your content, it’s highly important to find places for links to authority websites. By linking out to a website with high-quality content, you are improving the credibility of your pages. If you are writing in-depth content, you are likely to find a way to incorporate the right links naturally.

In case you are writing content for several pages of one website, make sure you keep interlinking in mind. Low-quality links can reduce the credibility of your content, thus nullifying your SEO efforts.

#4. Paying Close Attention To The Snippet

While everyone knows that the headline is the key to catching a client’s attention, the snippet importance has been underestimated. A little over a year ago, Google has officially increased the snippet length to 230 characters, giving SEO copywriters a wider field to work with.

Your ultimate goal is the featured snippet, which appears on top of the Google search. While you are working toward it, consider catching the user’s attention with the 230 allotted characters. 230 characters is more than enough to make an impression as long as you know your audience.

#5. Avoiding Keyword Stuffing

You may have gotten really good at inserting keywords into your content. You probably can stuff 10 keywords into one paragraph while making it look fairly organic. However, keyword stuffing is not trendy anymore.

Unnatural keywords density can bring you the unwanted attention from the search engine and decrease your page ratings. Your goal is to make the content highly readable, which is not always possible when the keywords are overwhelming the text.

#6. Catering To Search Engines

While the main goal of your content writing is to satisfy the target audience, you should never forget that the search engine is the king. Keyword density, meta descriptions, snippets, links, and the like need your close attention. Work with the SEO marketing team to help you keep these requirements in mind.

It’s much easier to consider the search engine’s needs before writing the content than to change the text according to them afterward.

#7.  Tell A Good Story

Telling a good story was just as important in 2018 as it will be in 2019. It’s an important factor, which should never be overlooked. People love to hear a good story. Especially, if it’s a personal one.

No matter what you are writing about, you can come up with personal examples or examples from someone else’s life. Pay close attention to news stories. They become excellent examples.

Do you remember the 7-year-old American boy, who saved 1,200 dogs from a shelter by finding them homes? Shouldn’t a few fund-raising organization learn from the kid?

#8. Stay Ahead Of The Robots

If you look deep into the latest technological advances, you may find a few unpleasant predictions. Some of them say that in just a couple dozen years, machines will become better copywriters than humans.

It’s up to you to compete for your position by using what the machines don’t yet have. Creativity. A creative approach is what puts an SEO copywriter ahead of the human competition as well. Make jokes, share feelings, connect to the reader in a way a robot could never do.

#9. Break The Rules (At Least Sometimes)

If you want to up your writing game, you have to think outside the box. Even if you don’t have anything truly worthwhile to share, you can wrap your content in a beautiful gift box that a reader won’t be able to avoid.

Of course, keyword placement is a must for SEO copywriting, but the rest of the rules can be somewhat changed in case you want to come up with something truly special. Remember, copywriting is not a mechanical type of work, it requires getting out of the comfort zone and trying something new. Also, you can always hire a writer from ClassyEssay, an online writing service

In 2019, anyone who can’t accomplish the above is likely to be out of the job.


In 2019, you should improve the value, increase the word count, and collaborate with the SEO team closely. These simple tips can help you get the website to the top of the search engine rankings.

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