The Power of Facebook Adverts and How They Can Boost Your Income

Some people continue to believe that Facebook advertising is not worth the investment, those same people might be surprised to learn that Facebook is on track to generate nearly $20 billion in global ad revenue. That’s roughly a 30% increase over a 6-year period, meaning that there are nearly 3 million people who use Facebook advertising to sell to their customers and, here’s why;

Facebook advertising targets the people you need

With unlimited demographic groups, behaviour patterns, and desires, one of the most powerful features of Facebook’s advertising platform is by far its targeting capabilities – the ones made possible by Facebooks colossal amount of user data.

Some of the targeting options for Facebook ads in Torquay are as follows:

  • Location/Education/Work
  • Financial circumstances
  • Age groups
  • Family relationships
  • Ethnic background
  • Language groups
  • Links to particular social media pages
  • Behaviour patterns

Simply cunning

Perhaps, even more impressive than all of the user data they have on one-fifth of the world is how they got the information in the first place. When a person “likes” a particular page on Facebook, they add your information to their database, when you make a comment that a particular movie is your favourite and that others should go and see it, they added it to their data set as well.

Any major relationship status updates are also logged as well, so the data can be very personal, for sellers, that is a dream come true, you can market to people who are already half sold.

Likes = money

The simple truth is that whenever users “like” a page, engage with a post, or fill out yet another part of their profile, users voluntarily submit data to Facebook that advertiser can access.

Nearly every single Facebook activity you take is likely being recorded and used by businesses to fulfil targeted advertisements. That is how the social networking behemoth has amassed the largest percentage of its records.

Are you making use of Facebook ads?

If you aren’t making use of Facebook ads already then, the real question should be, why not? The chances are that, at some point, you will have been subject to some kind of Facebook advertisement and perhaps even made a purchase on the back of what you saw. 

Even if you didn’t make a purchase, did you tell somebody about the advert or, what you saw? Nothing, apart from the Internet, of course travels faster than the word of mouth. The more exposure your Business gets, the more customer, you will attract.

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