5 Things To Consider In Finding Auto Mechanic Shops For Car Maintenance

Whether you own a new car or a used car, maintenance is required to keep it running at top performance for the most amount of time. For instance, new cars require basic upkeep, such as oil changes. Used cars require oil changes, but they also require a variety of milestone services because certain components can break down once the car reaches 30,000 or 60,000 miles. For instance, a car with 30,000 miles on it can still be considered new as it will be under warranty. However, it will require that someone make a good assessment of the brakes. Because your vehicle takes you back and forth to work as well as hauls your family members around, you need to ensure your mechanic is someone in whom you trust.

Wide range of services

Your mechanic should offer a variety of general services, such as oil changes and brake changes as these are the most common repairs your car requires. However, other services include the following.

– tune ups

– fluid changes, such as transmission and power steering

– tire installation and alignment

– full analysis of electrical system on newer cars

Specialty services

Your mechanic will be your favorite person on Earth if he or she offers certain specialty services, such as transmission overhauls. The reason specialty services can be important is because you can get everything you need done in one location by one team. Many general mechanic shops will have to refer you to another location if they do not have the equipment or experience. Although such things as glass installation might fall under services done by a body shop, the best mechanics can take care of everything under the hood or within the undercarriage.


Cars change from year to year, requiring experienced mechanics to continue their education by attending seminars or by obtaining certification in certain types of repair. Electrical diagnosis, for instance, will require your mechanics to be certified to work on your electric system. However, other types of certifications include air conditioning and brakes. Mechanic shops that can do everything might even be certified in manual drivetrains or automatic transmissions.


The work done on your car should be covered by some type of warranty. Many shops will offer a 30-day warranty on such things as engine repair or on work done on your transmission. However, your brakes might go out after 90 days or even 180 days if you do not drive a lot during the year. For your brakes, your warranty should extend beyond a certain set of miles instead of being limited to 30 days. Similarly, tire installation should come with some type of pro-rated warranty that covers blowouts or flat tires for the life of the tire.


Your mechanic should be a known member of the community and should be able to offer a proven level of service reflected in good online reviews. To assess a mechanic shop like Gabba Mechanics, you should be able to access reviews on Google. The reason that reviews on Google are important is that they are not cherry picked, so to speak, by the mechanic. They are objective reviews listed on a third-party review site. As such, you will get a fairly objective look at the level of services provided to previous customers.

If the mechanic has a variety of two-star and three-star reviews, this should command your attention because it reflects low levels of satisfaction. One-star reviews can often be written off as angry customers. However, if someone goes through the trouble of distinguishing between two-star and three-star performance, that customer is being analytical enough and not operating out of sheer emotion.

In terms of service, prices also fall under the category of customer service. For instance, your mechanic should have prices that reflect his or her level of service. A mechanic in a small town might own the building and be able to offer low prices. A mechanic in a larger town might have higher overhead and top services that command top prices. Good customer service involves accurate pricing for top service. It does not always mean low prices. That said, you should look for a mechanic that you consider affordable. To do this, you can shop local mechanics and see if the prices you are quoted reflect the prices that other mechanics are quoting.

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