5 Steps You Need to Take To Ensure Your Cloud Server is Protected

The prospect of your data being compromised and the consequences of that theft doesn’t bear thinking about. That is why you need to be proactive when it comes to taking steps to ensure that scenario is unlikely to happen. 

If you search managed IT services Perth, for instance, you will see that support is available to help you protect the cloud server you are using from being breached. 

Here are some key steps that should be part of your security protocols. 

Start with a review of your current protocols 

A good place to start in your quest to keep your data safe would be to conduct an assessment of your current security measures to see if they are robust enough. 

You should work on the basis that the only way to secure a server is to understand the risks. 

Your assessment should include looking at what software is running on your server and whether you are using a version that has any known vulnerabilities. 

Look at the login and administrative procedures you use to see if there are any obvious security weaknesses. 

Your aim is to identify and understand potential security vulnerabilities so that you can address them. 

Only run what you need to on the server 

It should be remembered that every service running on your cloud server presents a possible security issue. 

Take steps to shut down non-essential services. This will also help eliminate the prospect of outdated software being exploited.

Embrace what encryption has to offer 

There should be more than one line of defense in your server security protocols. Adding extra layers of protection can keep data safe even if your server is breached. 

A good approach would be to encrypt any sensitive data before it is uploaded to your server. 

Have a backup solution 

You are not going to be so vulnerable to an attacker’s demands if you have the ability to erase compromised data and restore it from a backup. 

A good approach would be to arrange a reliable and secure off-site data backup that is automated. You would then be able to restore and replace compromised data with minimal disruption. 

Carry out regular software updates 

One of the most obvious vulnerabilities affecting your server security is outdated software that has known security issues. 

Outdated software is one of the most common causes of a server security breach. 

Don’t make it easier than it should be for someone to attack your server and compromise your data integrity. 

We all know that carrying out software updates can be tiresome and even cause a bit of disruption. However, that extra bit of hassle should be viewed as minimal compared to the consequences and disruption you could face if you suffer a security breach. 

Don’t ignore updates and fixes. Act on them immediately and keep your server as safe as possible. 

How secure is your server? A good solution would be to get some professional IT support help so that you can have a higher degree of confidence that your cloud server is secure.

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