5 Blogger Outreach Tools That Deserve Your Attention

Blogs began as personal diaries reporting an individual’s take on current events, hobbies, interests, and more. But business websites have adapted and adopted the brief blog format to promote the company’s products and services. Good blogs empower relationships across the organization’s market with backlinks to sites with a common interest. 

Websites post blogs frequently to spark and sustain reader (customer) interest. Those websites find support in blogger outreach tools. Organizations need help to create frequent productive blogs.

5 blogger outreach tools:

Blogger outreach platforms are third-party providers that create dynamic blogs for websites. Websites for non-profit, not-for-profit, and educational can use tools to extend their internet presence. But these platforms usually support business sites. 

These outreach extensions deliver blogs by authors specializing in industry sectors, specific services, or product lines. These bloggers produce well-written, engaging, and influential work that meets or exceeds SEO “white hat” guidelines. For example, the best guest posting service will recruit authoritative and influential bloggers to supply business websites with productive blogs.


Tomoson focuses on connecting businesses with relevant contributors among its 50,000-plus verified influencers. The Tomoson automatically transmits blogs, #hashtags, news clips, and other material to a client inbox for review, filtering, and posting. Businesses select influencers who also bring along their followers.


BuzzSumo promotes its position as “the world’s largest bank of social engagement data.” It also provides real-time data on the usage and engagement of current feeds on high-performance keywords and phrases, competitors, domain names, and links.


The best guest posting service creates and publishes engaging blogs, articles, and white papers for websites. As a guest on one website, they also attract traffic back to the originating website. OutreachZ, for one, offers business customers over 2,500 blogs across scores of marketing niches. Their low price introduces heavily vetted blog writers to web admins focused on expanding their market audience.


Upwork connects web admins with millions of freelance writers. Freelancers bid on jobs posted for writers, web designers, programmers, and more. A Management and Economics Research Journal study found that “Upwork has led the pack by providing a flexible platform for freelancers worldwide, including coders, writers, and web developers, putting businesses in touch with reasonably priced workers.”

Narrowing your search –

In his book Strategies and Tools for Corporate Blogging, John Cass asks, “If advertising and public relations were the best ways to connect with a company’s audience through traditional media, and blogs are the best way to connect with millions of customers through the medium of online consumer-generated media, then how can companies best use blogs to connect with their audience through the medium of consumer-generated media?”

The answer lies in using blogger outreach tools. As these tools multiply and compete for the attention of web admins, website owners must research, vett, and price these providers. They must assess their quality and reliability. And they will find the best relationships with providers posting goals and values that align with the business.

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