Simple SEO Tips to Increase Your eCommerce Business

Ecommerce is a different platform from the traditional business platform our fathers grew up interacting with. The dynamics of excelling in this densely populated online space are different and challenging as well. But the good news is that with a proper understanding and practice, you can master your way to success and build a name for your online business. One of the ways of increasing your chances of succeeding in this area of trade is embracing SEO tricks to your advantage so that your online outlet can remain visible and flourish. This post shares practical SEO tips that will help you to improve your eCommerce venture.

Write buyer guides

Every company that takes onto the online platform to trade has one primary goal—to create and maintain customers. But before you get that customer, you have to create awareness for your brand, the products, and services you are selling. One of the ways you can use to create this awareness is directing enough traffic to your site where your potential buyers interact with your products. But how do you achieve this traffic? Well, we have many ways of boosting organic traffic to your eCommerce site, one of which is writing buyer guides. By creating buyer guides, you help the prospective customer to get a feel of what you offer, and hence, want to visit your selling pages to purchase them. Make sure that you insert a link in the guide to lead your readers to your landing pages.

Be careful how you move platforms

When you need to launch a new eCommerce website or move to a new platform, you should be careful so that you do so with SEO in mind lest you suffer poor rankings. You should ensure that your new site or platform is SEO-friendly and be careful not to delete any of the pages. In addition, you ought to create redirects whenever you change your URLs. This way, you will make it easy for Google to locate you on the new platforms you have shifted to.

Improve your product descriptions

Product descriptions are windows through which your prospective buyers can see and interact with your products and services. Their aim is to bring the buyer to a level where they are “tantalized” enough to place an order. If you want to succeed in this field, you should make your descriptions SEO-friendly. You’ve got to make your descriptions longer to gain better ranking. You should also use keywords optimally so that it becomes easier for search engines to crawl them. However, you should avoid keyword stuffing so that you don’t undo the benefits keywords could have brought to your site.

Write catchy title tags

One of the primary goals of SEO is improving ranking in search engines. But this goal is not complete unless the reader clicks on your links. However, you need to understand that people do not just click on anything. Therefore, it is necessary to make the titles more attractive so that readers can follow that link. Also, you need to ensure that these titles are relevant to your product niche. Let us look at these examples for better understanding:

A boring example:

Baby diapers—my online outlet

A better example:

Excellent and baby-friendly diapers—my online outlet

Use the power of blogging

If you want to boost your SEO and use it to promote your online business, you should optimize the power blogging offers. This may look like an old strategy but it still has relevance in modern online marketing. As a smart eCommerce trader, you can team up with bloggers who are in the same product niche as yours and request them to review your products in exchange for a free sample. You can be sure that no blogger will resist the offer because they also want to cement their place as authorities in their respective niches. When they review your product, you can ask them to create a backlink to your site and improve traffic. However, make the blog you are pitching has enough traffic to boost your chances of getting potential and repeat customers.

Keep in touch with SEO trends

If you are hoping to optimize the power of SEO to boost your eCommerce fortunes and prospects, you should make deliberate efforts to keep yourself in tandem with the latest trends. The reason is that search engines are always revising and updating their requirements, and it is necessary to play according to their rules. If you get out of touch with the trends, you will definitely find yourself on the wrong side of the law with the rules search engines impose on users. Also, remaining behind will make you miss the benefits of the latest developments that are shaping the SEO world.

Optimize labels and filters

If you need to optimize your sale opportunities on your site, you should pay attention to labels and filters. Make sure that you design your selling pages in such a way that when visitors land there, it is easy for them to get to the product they are looking for. By optimizing your sales pages this way, it will be easier for your prospective buyers to use these labels and filters to know the price range of your products, their color, brand type, and the quantity left in the store. You should also add labels like Add to Cart. Also, remember to remove all the products that are out of stock from your display or if you do not, then indicate that they are currently unavailable. If you have discontinued a product, you should also let the visitor know.

Closing remarks

SEO is an integral part of improving your eCommerce prospects because SEO plays an integral role in driving traffic to your site as long as you know how to go about it. By mastering and applying the proven tricks we have shared in this post, you will get your business to a higher level of success.

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