5 Tips for Persuading People to Join Your Startup

Developing the skills of persuasion is difficult but absolutely necessary, particularly if you plan to launch your own startup. The people you surround yourself with are the backbone of your company. You want them to be productive and trustworthy, but many people simply want to get rich fast by taking advantage of the opportunity that’s presented to them. The key is to avoid these people and hire those who share your dream and ambitions. The outcome of your efforts to convince people to join you will depend on your ability to attract the right people.

Learning how to present your dreams and plans the right way, showing that you care, and creating solid arguments is a must. Here are some suggestions on how to convince the right people to join your startup.

#1 Sell the vision

If you want people to join your startup, you need to learn how to sell your vision and dreams the right way. In other words, you need to be convincing as a leader. Speak about your business’s unique strengths and how you’re trying to improve financially. If you want skilled people to work for your company, so they could help you improve it, talk to them about all the opportunities your company offers. This will make a great impression on them, and they’ll definitely think about giving it a shot. Also, this will help eliminate people who joined you for all the wrong reasons.

#2 Introduce them to your company’s culture

The work environment and conditions you create for your business are your company’s culture. If people find it appealing, they will most likely consider joining you. Nowadays, people like good teamwork, challenges, flexibility, and employment benefits. Consider offering opportunities for additional education and career advancement, as well as stress-free work environment and rewards for a job well done. Make sure to do everything you can to make your employees feel happy and comfortable at work, and avoid conservative ways of doing business (work, don’t complain, and get paid), because it’s largely considered to be narrow-minded.

#3 Speak their language

When speaking to people about various opportunities you are offering, match your speaking style and body language with that of the people you’re trying to convince to join you. This is effective both with individuals and with groups of people. Before you even begin speaking, try to understand every single person in the room. What attracts them the most? What makes them feel satisfied? Also, if you’re addressing a large group of people, you can look for presentation design services in order to create a powerful presentation that will make an impact and get them thinking about your startup.

#4 Present yourself as unique

Try to convince people that what you’re offering is rare these days and that they’ll miss out on something great if they pass on the opportunity to work with you. This could act as a trigger for some people, and you should use this psychological technique to attract them.

#5 Give them a chance to do something that truly matters

Even if the company’s aim is to go altruistic, make it a point to spend some time with your candidates and talk about how happy and excited you are about your new endeavor. Let them know how this could be a great opportunity to do something unexpected and interesting. The best way to achieve this is by sharing your sincere thoughts and ideas with them about the general direction you wish to stir your business in, as well as always speaking your mind.

#6 Present them with an opportunity to make money

Aside from all other motivational factors, we all work for money and want to earn enough to be able to lead a good life. The thing with startups is that people are hesitant to join them but, by explaining to them why it’s a great opportunity to earn money, you can alter their perception. You can tell them that they can eventually even own a portion of the company, which will mean that when the company makes money, they’ll make money as well. Combine both salary and stock options when making an offer, and you will definitely draw their attention.

People are convinced more easily when you speak of the future with confidence. It shows them that you’re serious about your startup and are looking forward to developing it further. When presenting your ideas, use words like “we” and “will” frequently, because it will automatically create a feeling of solidarity and unity. Don’t be pushy and don’t make decisions for other people. They want to have possibilities and to make their own decisions about the future. If the future is deemed to be bright, they will consider joining you on the road to success.

Dan Radak is a marketing professional with eleven years of experience. He is a coauthor on several websites and a regular contributor to BizzMark Blog. Currently, he is working with a number of companies in the field of digital marketing, closely collaborating with a couple of e-commerce companies.

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