9 Signs That Show That Your Businesses Need an Enterprise Content Management Solution

The days of manually handling documents and data are gone as the technology has blessed us with the concepts of document management and document control. If you are one of those business owners; who are still delaying the modernization of your business, you are making a foolish mistake, if not now you have to face some consequences later because your rival companies might have embraced the changes and speeding up their work efficiency. If you want to progress with their pace of work, you need to change your style of work.

The question is, how you can change the style of working and manage the -work-flow. It sounds hard to stop a process that you are habituated of doing, but if you need to be visible in today’s market, you have to let go of some traditional styles.

To obtain successful business practice, you need to implement a content management solution in your work-system.

In this article, nine signs are going to be discussed that would be enough for you to understand why your business would need an enterprise content management solution (ECM) and what changes the document solution can bring you that would help you in maintaining the work-flow.

#1. Employees are not being used for Productive Tasks

Employees waste a lot of productive time if they are required to handle data manually. Working with paper documents can be a mess. For instance, you need to enter some details or data to maintain a file manually. On the other hand, if you need to communicate with another employee about one thing, then you need to walk up to him/her and bring the required file or document with you even while storing the documents one needs to be physically present. Though it doesn’t sound like that, they are wasting much time, but if you can add up all the times, you can have a clear picture on the time that can be useful for productivity, marketing strategies, etc.

With the use of content management solution, all the above-mentioned problem would be resolved as no need to enter data manually; the records are going to get saved into a centralized location by default, and obviously, the files can be transferred to another employee while you are sitting on your chair. Another important thing is that you don’t need to search through hundreds of files for a piece of paper; the ECM gives you the opportunity to search for a file using some keyword. The Entrepreneur has some important ideas for you about how to increase productivity.

#2. Errors Occurring While Working

If the process is not efficient then there can be chances of mistakes and errors because while a human is inputting data, he/she can wrongly enter data unintentionally or even worse, a file can be misplaced.

An ECM is going to give such a digitized solution that would completely error-free, so you don’t have to worry about the time employees are wasting to correct their mistakes. Particularly those companies who actually have the work with numbers like accounting or finance companies should integrate this software to have an error-free document solution.

#3. Customer Dissatisfaction

While everyone is using artificial intelligence technology in their daily life like SIRI or ALEXA or Google voice, you cannot delay in giving the correct solution to your customers’ query, because that would portray a wrong impression of your company. If you are not able to endure any bad reviews about your company, then you need to please your customers and your clients. For doing the same, you need ECM integrated into your system because it would make it easy for retrieving a file and providing the correct information to a customer.

#4. Employees are unsatisfied

As it is vital to take care of customer satisfaction, a company should look after what the employees are feeling while working for that company. Employee satisfaction is another significant thing to be taken care of if you want good productivity at your workplace. As it is mentioned earlier that even for a small problem people are using AI technology, so as technology has made everything modern an employee requires the flexibility of being able to work from home or can continue working even during vacation. It is only possible if you go for cloud-based document solution which enables the employees to work using any device with an active internet connection.

#5. Inactiveness due to some repetitive tasks

It can be boring if you have to perform some repetitive tasks daily, for an example if one employee has to scan plenty of documents and need to sit in front of a computer and begin with converting the records in some desired format can be such a dull and frustrating task, also it makes an employee question their efficiency. What if I tell you the ECM is able to scan and directly convert the document in digital format and even can automate the -work-flow by performing the repetitive task on behalf of you; and you can assign your employees for more productive work, it’s going to be legendary right? For more information about scanning and converting documents, you can visit filecenter DMS site.

#6. Failing to Maintain the Security

One of the most crucial and unavoidable jobs in any organization is securing their confidential data. In this era where a data breach has become a major thing to be scared of; then you cannot just risk your privacy, you definitely don’t want to be in the news as a victim of data theft. Working with paper documents can be very risky because those documents can be stolen, lost, damaged, copied, or modified.

ECM gives your data such security in which the centralized storage location is next to impossible for the hackers to penetrate as well as the confidential files can be protected in such way so that only authorized persons are allowed to access those, plus it gives you the advantage of securing your data from folder level by using strong password and even while sharing the documents, the files can be encrypted.

No chances of documents getting damaged due to some natural disaster or accidents like fire, because the data is getting stored virtually, so anytime the data can be retrieved.

#7. Wasting Money on Unnecessary Items

If you are working with paper documents then eventually you have to spend your money on paper, ink, toner and other devices which adds up to the cost of printing. As well as while storing the data, you have to install cabinets or drawers that are taking space.

With the ECM solution there’s no need to have this type of expense which you need to spend monthly, and freeing up the cabinets you can use some free space in your office for other work.

#8. Difficulties during Audit

An audit can happen anytime, during this time if you find problems while searching for the required documents, then it can cause tension. To save some headache during an audit, the ECM system can accumulate all the required documents within minutes and even can generate results by using other applications which might be beneficial during the auditing.

#9. Struggling to Comply with Regulatory Requirements

The laws are reviewed and revised regularly and keep getting updated, as you need to follow some compliance, it becomes hard if you need to submit a report which requires significant researches.

It will never be a problem if you are using ECM system because it can adapt to any regulation and can produce results accordingly.


Do not ignore if you are noticing these above-mentioned signs at your workplace because these signs can drag your business down. Talk to an expert and trustworthy vendor and install an ECM solution for having the desired productive work in your office.

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