Mobile Data Backup App to Protect Secret Information on Your Device

Are you looking for a reliable app to keep your sensitive information secret and protected? We have got the best mobile data backup app for android and iOS mobile phones. OgyMogy is an efficient data backup and cloud storage app that provides online storage to protect mobile phone data. You can get your phone installed with the mobile data backup app to automatically create backup of your contacts, chats, emails, photos, videos, document files and keylogs among others. Read on to know how the cell phone data backup app lets you keep your information secured. Have you ever considered developing a data back-up app? Then perhaps you should consult with a mobile app development company, such as Sunlight Media in Los Angeles.

OgyMogy – The Online Storage App

OgyMogy is not merely a data backup app but it is also used for many other purposes. It allows users to monitor their cell phones remotely. The app provides an online portal to control and track the cell phone without physical access. You cannot just access mobile phone data via online control panel but also send commands to the phone to make it perform certain actions. The features of the online storage app are discussed below to let you understand how this app protects your secret information. Android Secret Codes is beneficial for you.

Protect Online Chats

The online storage app creates backup of your multimedia messages and instant messages. After installation on the mobile phone, OgyMogy automatically syncs incoming and outgoing instant messages and multimedia messages and uploads to the online control panel. It gets access to messages received and sent via WhatsApp, Line, Vine, Viber, Telegram, Hike, Hangout, Kik, Zalo and Yahoo messenger.

It also creates online backup of chats made via Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, Tinder, Tumblr and many other social media apps. The app creates backup of chats consisting on text, photos, videos, emoticons, stickers and links. It also includes all group and one-on-one chats. You can read all these messages by signing into the online control panel of OgyMogy. It also lets you retrieve deleted chats.

Protect Offline Chats

The mobile data backup software also lets you create online backup for your offline chats. The incoming and outgoing text messages get uploaded by the online storage app to the online control panel. The app also syncs and uploads SMS log to provide you with contact information of message senders and receivers.

Protect Contacts

You can get all your contacts protected by creating online backup of these contacts. The backup app automatically syncs and uploads the contacts stored on the mobile. The app does not just allow retrieving contacts via online control panel but also allows managing the contact list remotely. You can add new contacts to your phone and delete unwanted contacts without taking the phone into possession.

Protect Photos & Videos

The photos and videos can be of great importance and an accidental deletion of these media files can make you lose your precious moments. The mobile data backup app creates online storage of photos and videos stored on the phone memory. It also creates online backup of voice recordings and other media files. The app syncs photos and videos captured from the phone camera, downloaded from the internet and received from other sources. It also includes media files exchanged via social media and instant messengers.

Protect Passwords & Keylogs

You can protect all your sensitive passwords and confidential information put to the phone. The mobile phone data backup app syncs keystrokes applied to the phone and uploads to the online control panel. These keystrokes include passwords, usernames and email addresses. It also lets you deal with difficult and lengthy passwords.

Protect Emails

If you are a professional, your emails are important. The cloud storage app enables professionals and entrepreneurs to protect their emails. The incoming and outgoing emails exchanged via Gmail get uploaded to the online control panel. You can read the content of these emails and get access to email addresses of the negotiating parties.

The Bottom Line

The mobile data backup app lets you protect sensitive information stored on your phone. Whether it is in form of photos, videos, audios or text, you can create online backup of all your important stuff. Also, you can manage certain operations of your mobile phone via online control panel. There is more you can do using OgyMogy cloud storage app which you can know about on website.


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