Top 10 Common Reasons Your Website Doesn’t Rank Well

Often great looking, potential websites fail to make a mark in Google. If people can’t find you online, then you won’t receive enquires or sales, no matter how perfect looking website you have. So here are some top reasons for your website’s ranking failure you must know about.


Probably your competitors, having a huge crowd, have a big marketing budget behind them. That can be a vital reason why you’re not ranking on the 1st page for your main keywords.

A general Google search for your main products or services will give you hints of the size of your competition. Try to focus on a specific regime of your target market. The smaller is space, the lesser competition you’ll face.

Un-indexed website by Google

Your site won’t be seen until Google lists you in. To know your status, simply Google searches your site without “www.” and “/”, like If your site comes up at top of the search results, then you’re all set to go. If you’re not showing up, means you’re not indexed still.

Generally, Google enlists all sites within a few weeks. But if you’re not in still, you should add your site to Google Search Console and submit your sitemap to them.

Non-mobile-friendly website

Your website must be mobile-friendly and responsive, capable to take the sizes of a cell phone or tab where it’s opened. You can check with Mobile Friendly Tool if your site is responsive or not.

Talk with your web designer to make it responsive, or you can do it by installing a new responsive WordPress theme as well.

Meta tags not optimized

Meta tags of your website help to optimize and describe the content on that page. Search engines use these to find out the content of your site. Use tools to collect some pages with their Meta tags and see what Google is seeing.

Improve your title tags to be on top of Google search – put main keywords, keep the length within 55 characters and use a proper sentence structure. If you’re using WordPress platform, then install Yoast SEO Plug-in for easy changing.

Poor content optimization

Use a specific tool to check your SEO score. You can improve your site’s ranking in Google by editing several elements on your site.

You should concentrate on one main subject on every page. To make your website ranked on top in search engine ranking you must consider the considerations like page headings, image file names, internal links and more.

Poor content quality

Good quality content is mandatory for good ranking. You need a certain amount of contents, at least 300-400 words of content for each page. You can also use 500-1000 words for each page and 2000 words for blog posts as the bigger, the better it is.

Create helpful content to inform your clients, give your writing a direction and give your customers solutions – soon you’ll be on top!

Lacking top-quality backlinks

Your site will be counted as reliable only if you’ve strong quality, good volume backlinks. Here quality matters more than quantity. You can use tools like Free Backlink Checker, Majestic SEO, Ahrefs etc. to detect sites that are linking back to yours.

Providing valuable high-quality content, giving on-page elements, reaching out other sites’ owners in your space and sharing your content with them – these are good ways to get more strong backlinks for your site.

Inactivity in social media

You must be active on social media to reach more audience for your site. Be socially engaged with people via Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and other popular social platforms.

Focus on good-quality content that’ll increase shares, share more contents via social media, allow people to share your posts there, add Tweetables within each article to increase engagement – this way you’ll soon reach your desired Google ranking too.

Bad website builder

Try to avoid building site using DIY website builder, or you’ll struggle with your Google ranking as these tools create lots of excessive codes that affect your site’s performance. You get thus limited SEO options, your pages take a longer time to load cause of extra functionality and fewer SEO plug-ins too.

Try to optimize your website as much as possible so that your pages must be loaded within 5 seconds. Many web designers also build sites similar to DIY sites, but a lot more efficient.

Poor page-loading speed

Your web pages must be opened within 5 seconds, otherwise, Google will penalize. You can use tools to check the loading speed of your pages.

You can increase the loading speed of your pages by leveraging browser caching, optimizing images and enabling gzip compression. You can also seek online professional help for the same.

Also, going with a vetted hosting provider from The Hosting Institute will help you avoid a lot of issues when looking for a hosting company.


There are many things you can do to increase your site’s visibility in search engines. Try these top tips yourself and you’ll be able to improve your site’s ranking within a few weeks.

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