The Advantages and Disadvantages of Online Dating

If there is one phenomenon which has redefined relationships in the early 21st century, it is Internet dating. Having the ability to search for potential partners and maintain relationships from your web browser or smart device, from a practically unlimited choice of websites, has made it so much more convenient for today’s singles. But for all the pluses of taking advantage of the most suitable dating site, there are also minuses. These are some of the most obvious pros and cons.

Having so much choice can be tremendous

In days gone by, singles seeking a partner could walk into a dedicated bar and find themselves confronted with a choice of a dozen or so possibilities. Once you sign up to a dating site, you are immediately presented with the personal descriptions of prospective love interests running into the hundreds.

Having so much choice can lead to insincerity

The trouble with having a lot of singles clamoring for attention is communication can sometimes be superficial. Some site users are only looking for one-off encounters. They’ll be charming enough during message exchanges, but they have ulterior motives. The problem is when the person at the other end of their flirty behavior falls for their charm.

Communciation tends to be completely upfront

The nature of online dating means the people who have signed up to become members of any site have committed to using this platform to interact with a prospective love interest. In this virtual atmosphere, they are much more likely to be open and honest when they are engaging with other equally committed individuals.

Some site users are dishonest

While the vast majority of singles who gravitate to dating sites do so because they are keen to establish connections, a small number of individuals have less noble intentions. They might well set up fake profiles (or catfish) using photographs they’ve pilfered from some random source on the Internet. Why? They’ll simply get a kick from leading people on, knowing full well this ‘relationship’ is heading straight for a dead end.

It’s so easy to communicate online

When you are in the process of getting to know someone with a steady partnership in mind, the online environment allows you to touch base at any time, messaging your contacts in a secure platform, and checking for their replies. Most sites run app versions which means the dating world is open for business from any location, 24/7. Websites provide a discreet atmosphere which encourages site users to be as flirty as they wish.

It’s easy to decide not to communicate

Because you are connecting with people who are actually pretty anonymous, until you develop any sense of chemistry there is nothing to stop either party simply deciding to stop chatting and move on. There is always going to be a degree of temptation to browse through other profiles just in case there are singles equally worthy of attention.

Online dating is a bridge to a real relationship

The whole point of meeting people online is to establish a rapport as a prelude to hooking up offline. After a series of message exchanges it is easy to build up a picture of someone, so you’ll already have a lot in common when the time comes for your first date.

Online dating can take the place of a real relationship

Some site users get so into the whole process of checking out descriptions and messaging various singles, they forget about seeking meaningful connections. Their time is spent flitting around other site users, with no intention of taking this into the third dimension and engaging face-to-face.

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