Quintessentially – Changing the Face of Lifestyle Concierge

Have you ever thought how easy it would be to manage the daily routine if someone is handling your tasks?

You will be able to focus on the more important tasks and bring more productivity.

And this is how concierge service came into existence.

In this article, we’ll peep into the concierge services and one of the leading companies in Concierge that is Quintessentially.

Let’s begin with the concierge services.

Quick Look on Concierge Service

Firstly, the concierge was only available at hotels to manage the guest’s chores. With passing time, the concierge is now available in all the sectors you can think of. Some of the sectors are lifestyle, education, medical, travel, business, hotel, etc. A concierge will manage every task of ours and you need to pay them on a monthly, hourly and daily basis.

The aim here is to save time and focus on the more important task of the day. To make it more clear, consider c-level executives booking their own movie or flight ticket. If they would go on doing such tasks when they will focus on the tasks which are to be done in priority. In short, having a concierge can save a huge amount of time for the people who value time.

And with the same thought, Quintessentially was launched.

Quintessentially – Takes Concierge to the New Level

This company took the concierge service to the whole new level. It is one of the largest concierge service company across the globe. The company has a turnover of more than $202 million.

Quintessentially has now expanded to 63 cities worldwide with 1500+ employees. It is a personal concierge service that takes care of every demand asked by an individual. Here, they have provided various packages for the services. You can select any of three packages as per your needs.

The three annual memberships provided by Quintessentially are the general level where the lifestyle concierge will fulfill your demands as you place requests. The second comes a dedicated level which is a more personalized concierge service. And the last one comes the elite level service where the company provides you, 4 account managers, across the globe. They will take care of all the requirements as well as even remind you of the important events of your life. They not only just fulfill your demands but even work as your personal assistant.

The member costs of Quintessentially ranges from $1500 per person to $45000 per person. It completely depends on your requirements. Another thing to note here Quintessentially has 33 sister companies under their umbrella.

The high-end concierge service provided by Quintessentially takes the concierge to the whole new level. They have fulfilled some of the next to impossible demands of the clients. And it is the reason why Quintessentially is such a popular concierge service company.

One of the most difficult demands fulfilled by them was closing the Sydney Harbor Bridge just to let a client propose his girl. And another one was a really unique one that is to arrange a dinner on the ice-berg. So, now you might be getting how Quintessentially is taking the lifestyle concierge to the whole new level. The key reason for their success is dedicatedly working for the clients and luxurious service they furnish.

Another main reason for Quintessentially turning $202 million company is its CEO Annastasia Seebohm. When she joined the company, it was only a $100 million company, but after her passionate work, she became the CEO of Quintessentially and turned it to such a huge company. She took the company to the whole new level with her efforts and smartness.

So these are the factors which made Quintessentially such a multi-million company.

What is The Future of Concierge Service?

After knowing every detail on what is concierge service and the best company proving these services, let us go through the future of the concierge service.

To know the future, let me first take you to the past. In 2018, the projected revenue of the concierge service was more than $500 million dollars. And recently in 2019,  5% of the growth was observed and it is expected to grow at the same pace in the near future too.

Another thing over here is Artificial Intelligence (AI) which is slowly and gradually becoming the part of the concierge service. We can see their live examples in the form of Amazon Alexa, Siri and Google. In the near future, we will be seeing more such examples for the concierge service.

So you can assume that the future of the concierge service is really bright and appealing.

Ending It…

Quintessentially is playing a key role in the lifestyle concierge service. In a way, it is changing the way people look at the concierge service.

Having a concierge for your daily task will save a huge amount of time & money.

Unnati Vaidya is a freelancer Content Writer and SEO generalist. She is an enthusiastic reader of Novels and a big fan of watching Sci-fi movies and seasons!

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