Is Fashion the Bride of Controversy?

Fashion creates and breeds controversy because of how much the said industry is scrutinized. Plus, fashion can send messages to the public that people could never say out loud. Fashion might be the beginning of a controversy, or fashion could help squash controversy. Read more about how fashion tends to be the bride of controversy because it is always in the middle of the world’s biggest stories.

Fashion Has Led to Activism

Fashion has led to activism as organizations like PETA urged celebrities to stop wear fur and leather. Fashion activists have begged fashion companies to use sustainable resources or business models. Plus, fashion has shined a light on child labor, cheap labor and abominable work conditions in what people call a ‘sweat shop’ around the world.

Fashion Enhances Activism

Custom printed apparel help people share their message to the world in the most subtle way possible. A celebrity could turn up on the pages of your favorite tabloid wearing a shirt that reveals what she’s been meaning to say in ages. Athletes have gotten in trouble for activist fashion they wore to games. (Athletes have been banned for life because of a salute but more on that later) Sometimes, fashion does help rebels show the finger to the man in question or a hypocritical part of the society in general.

Fashion Asks Questions About Modesty

Fashion started the discussion about why it was women who were always questioned about their modesty. So, women started wearing clothes that questioned shirtless men with 6 pack abs. After the Harvey Weinstein incident, women started questioning the modesty of men in power, subtly, through fashion. This definitely registers on an offensive level with the crowd whose middle name is ‘Guilty Chauvinist’.

In addition to this, the fashion world often forces parents to ask questions about modesty. Fashion can be used to dress up a child who is not a legal adult. This is a common occurrence with child stars that are made to look as mature as possible in their marketing. These girls love to wear nice clothes, but their fashion choices raise questions about why young girls are asked to dress in provocative ways. Try this fashion marketing tips.

In fact, some young stars avoid fashion altogether. Popular artists have been known to wear baggy clothes to hide their bodies. These girls are hoping to avoid body shaming, and they want to focus on their art instead of fashion.

Fashion Raises Questions About Health And Body Types

Many people say that fashion influencers and models are not fashionable because they are thin. Thin has been seen as an ideal body shape around the world, and thin people are allowed to be fashionable because it is easy for them to find clothes. Conversely, overweight people cannot find the clothes they want or have a hard time looking fashionable because of the way fashion is designed. As a society, people must learn how to promote both thin and thick figures.


The fashion world creates and breeds controversy every day. There are many serious questions to ask about fashion, and people who design the top fashions must help represent everyone. Plus, fashion helps create a message that people might not say aloud. Fashion can even be used to stop the exploitation of celebrities by the press.

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