Top 5 Best Free Google Fax Services 2020

The new generation thinks that faxing is an outdated means of communication. Remember, business organizations still depend on faxing to transmit their sensitive documents. For this reason, online fax services are available.

COCOFAXWith the help of the latest technology, you can send and receive documents via faxes. Numerous free online services are available to send faxes from your mobile and computer. Here are the top five best free Google fax services in 2020.

#1. CocoFax (Recommended)

CocoFax is a trustworthy Google fax service free. For your high-volume faxing and growing business, it can be a suitable choice. With this reputed brand, you can send faxes immediately. It complies with PCI and HIPAA security standards.

COCOFAX fEATURESTo retain their millions of satisfied users all over the world, they are consistently working to improve their services. CocoFax is both PCI-DSS and HIPAA compliant. For this reason, you can send confidential information. It is especially useful for healthcare services. See some highlights of CocoFax:

  • Send faxes immediately
  • Easy to send emails without hardware or software
  • Secure, encrypted and safe faxing
  • Store and view faxes online
  • Free fax number
  • Smartphones faxing
  • Email – fax solutions
  • Permanent storage
  • Send faxes without a fax machine and a dedicated phone
  • A 30-day free trial plan
  • A free fax number

CocoFax offers maximum protection against cyberattacks. You can send faxes for free online all over the world without any trouble. All your sent and received faxes will be stored in lifetime storage. With a user-friendly interface, it is easy to manage your fax communications.

With its web apps, you can turn your smart devices into a virtual fax machine. There is no need to have 24/7 access to the internet. You can check your received faxes as per your convenience. Start with a free trial plan and upgrade this plan as per your convenience.

Compatible with Every Device

CocoFax is compatible with every device, such as a tablet, computer and smartphone. For your iPhone and Android phone, you can download available apps. Moreover, you can open the official website of CocoFax on the built-in web browser of your device.

Compatible with Every DeviceYou can check incoming faxes through an online dashboard of CocoFax. These faxes will be stored permanently in this storage for you. With CocoFax, local and international faxing becomes affordable and efficient. For a free sign up today, visit their official website.

#2. RingCentral Fax

With a call center platform, RingCentral can be the right choice for sole proprietors. It is a cloud-based service to access from a mobile app or a web browser. You can switch between different devices without any exclusive app.

RingCentral is a powerful platform for faxing. You will find it a versatile solution for your business. It offers different pricing plans for business users. Remember, their rates for international faxing may vary. In numerous cases, it can be expensive to choose RingCentral for international faxing.

#3. PamFax

If you are a light user, you will like this faxing service. It allows you to send faxes to different countries. With this online service, individuals and businesses can send faxes. For a low-volume user, it can be a suitable service.

PamFax needs your email to manage faxes. You have to sign up with PamFax and upload your document, enter a number and send it to the email inbox of the recipient. This platform is suitable to send faxes from mobile devices and computers. Feel free to use it for BlackBerry, Windows Mobile, iOS, Android, and Mac.

#4. WestFax

With this cloud-based platform, you can manage your faxes from mobile devices and computers. This service is suitable for healthcare providers. WiseFax is a secured system to send confidential documents.

If you want a trustworthy service (fax – email), you can trust WiseFax. It allows you to send faxes to more than one recipient simultaneously. Your fax message will not land into a spam folder.

#5. Faxtopia

Faxtopia is special for its HIPAA-compliant. This cloud-based platform offers different customization options. It is possible to port your current fax number to this service. As a result, your faxes will run through the servers of your company.

In $9.99/month, you can fax almost 100 pages. If you need a cheap online fax service, it can be the right choice for you.


After reading this post, it will be easy for you to choose the best online fax service to send faxes through Google products. If you need a flawless service, choose CocoFax. This third party service is reliable for Google faxing.

You will need a fax number and a third-party faxing service to get the advantage of Google suite. For your sensitive and vital documents, CocoFax can be the best choice.

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