Is Your Office Space Following the Growth of Your Startup?


For a company in its infancy, it is of the utmost importance to have an office that can grow together with operations. Having your business outgrows, the premises could face you with costly remodeling or move. It is also a big detriment to growth, especially if you are tied down to a lengthy contract. On the other hand, flexible office space allows you to pivot, upscale or downscale smoothly. So, look beyond the horizon of present needs. Anticipate how your organization is going to evolve and change. This approach to office space could pay rich dividends in the long run.

Setting the stage

The road startups have to take is winding and unpredictable. There are many situations that could arise and disrupt your operations, which is to say that you need to stay flexible and expect the unexpected. To navigate these waters, it is much better to have a space that is manoeuvrable and versatile. After all, office design has a major impact on creativity, motivation, and productivity of everyone on the payroll.

Start by getting familiar with the role the office plays in terms of driving success of your startup. Also, assess and study how people work. Identify potential pain points and see where there’s room for improvement. Strive towards greater transparency and collaboration. Also, bear in mind that is would be wise to always have a bit more space than you presently require. This will spare you many headaches and expenses down the road.

Making a difference

It goes without saying that your work environment needs to be aligned with long-term goals and key strategies. For instance, you need to take into account plans regarding prospects of hiring new employees. Your current office may accommodate the needs of a handful of workers, but what if your headcount doubles in a year? These notions and considerations need to drive design and architecture of the space.

Here, I would argue that an agile office is a way to go. It suits the needs and preferences of workers, being built around their work patterns and daily habits. The layout is certainly a vital aspect, and many experts would also agree that the optimal layout is the one that encourages interaction, improves information flow, and fosters idea exchange. It cultivates an open corporate culture where people socialize and network.

So, if you want to handle renovation projects and witness the best results, work with interior professionals. Keep an eye on changing trends and current office refurbishment solutions, using this knowledge to create the space reflect your business culture and echo your values. Make no mistake: you have a chance to wow clients and partners and lift the spirits across the board.

Keep an open mind

Note that open floor plan is all the rage in the business world, but also much more than a passing fad. It is more flexible and adjustable than traditional cubicle layout, which only stands in the way of organizational agility. Namely, with an open concept, it is much easier to shift workstation arrangements and add a new desk without compromising the free flow of traffic. This brave new design concept removes obstacles and partitions that hinder any efforts to rearrange and rethink the work environment.

Furthermore, employees are bestowed with more freedom to choose. They are able to move around, change positions, and achieve greater overall mobility. Moreover, open layout spurs cross-team cooperation, impromptu meetings, and chance encounters. Hence, it is capable of not only paving the way for growth but also being a vehicle for it. That being said, there are some drawbacks to consider. Most notably, open offices are associated with a higher level of noise and a lack of privacy.

To address these issues, startups should always include quieter and more enclosed space, such as small meeting rooms and booths. Noise-absorbing panels and carpeting always help as well. Finally, remember that layout is just the starting point, as you also need to introduce suitable office furniture and improve thermal comfort. Well, pieces like customized desks with retracted middle leg are worth considering as they provide a variety of options to workers. You can also think outside the box and in terms of hammocks, beanbags, sofas, foldable chairs, swings, etc.

Full steam ahead

Office space is a crucial piece of the success puzzle for startups. They cannot afford to be stuck in the environment that hampers growth and development. So, to lay the groundwork for business advancement, plan your design around shifting needs and dynamic workflows. Move beyond dreary cubicles and rigid, outdated design. Stimulate your employees to reach their full potential and propel your organization forward. Following the tips above, you should be able to make strides towards your goals, empowered by a well-designed, agile space.

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