6 Proven Ways to Increase Office Productivity

No matter what kind of business you’re running, it’s very important to ensure that your employees are as productive as possible. There are so many things that have to be taken care of and so little time, which means that even the slightest increase in office productivity will do wonders for your operations. But what can you do to make sure your employees get more work done? Here are 6 easy ways that have been proven to do the trick.

Try to discourage multitasking

Multitasking may seem like a great thing and chances are your employees are engaging in it in order to get more work done in less time. However, studies have shown that multitasking makes people less productive. This is the case because multitasking causes stress, preventing your employees from getting their work done. Not only this, but when multitasking, your employees are more prone to errors that can hurt your company in many ways. That said, it might be a good idea to do everything in your power to discourage your employees from multitasking. If you feel like an employee is multitasking due to the excessive workload, hiring someone who’ll help them out might turn out to be a good idea.

Get a water cooler

We all tend to drink coffee when we want to get more work done. However, water can turn out to be a much better solution since it can enhance mental performance. And if you want to ensure your employees stay hydrated while in the office, it’s recommended that you get a water cooler. This will also discourage your employees from drinking sugary drinks, which is definitely something you need to aim at. If you want to make your office more eco-friendly, you can also decide not to use plastic cups and get real glasses instead. Your employees may be more productive, knowing that they are helping the environment.


If your business has been operating for some time, your office is probably full of things you no longer use or need. And even if you don’t feel like these things are taking up too much space in your office, you might want to get rid of them and help your employees be more productive. Clutter is known to cause stress and distract people from their work. Luckily, purging clutter from your office shouldn’t be too difficult. You can start by taking a couple of boxes and labeling them with tags, such as trash, give away, and relocate. That way, you’ll be able to identify which items from your office need to be thrown away and which items you can donate. If there’s something you don’t want to throw or give away, you can relocate it to a storage unit.

Design a break room

Taking regular breaks is an important part of being productive. Still, if your employees spend their breaks in front of the screen using social media, they’ll hardly get the rest they need. So, if you want to make their breaks more effective, you can think about designing a break room. Basically, this is a room where they’ll be able to grab snacks and chat with their co-workers. When designing your break room, it’s very important that you make it as comfy as possible. This means you should furnish it with a comfortable floor rug and a large sofa. If you want to go with something special, you can also think about getting a large-screen TV and video game console for your break room.

Bring plants into office

Plants may seem like a simple decorative touch but there’s much more to them. First of all, plants produce clean air, which is a huge plus for any office out there. Moreover, plants can relieve stress, which is unavoidable in any workplace, so this can give your employees a nice productivity boost. Studies have also shown that plants can also be used to increase creativity. If you decide to introduce these into your office, there are some plants you simply can’t go wrong with. Jade Plant, English Ivy and Snake Plant are some of the most popular office plants out there.

Let in more natural light

Another thing you can do in order to make your employees more productive is let in more natural light. Natural light can improve the mood of your employees and make them more productive. The best way to make the offices brighter is to install more windows. If there’s no space to install new windows, you can always try to position desks and seating more strategically. It’s also important to mention that by introducing more natural light you’ll be reducing your electricity bill significantly. Another important thing that helps to reduce your electricity bill is choosing the best provider with the most affordable rates. Every state has its own comparison websites such as the well-known one in Texas called HomeEnergyClub where you can compare electric companies for example in Houston and shop electricity plans from the best energy providers offering trusted no-gimmick Houston electricity rates for your home.

Follow these 6 ways and you should be able to boost your office productivity and create perfect work environment. And when you and your team are as productive as possible, there should be nothing stopping your business from dominating the market.

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