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Gojek has been quite a sensational app in the South East Asian market. This blog aims at explaining how this app works, why it gained popularity and how one can explore it to make a better business venture for oneself.

The South East Asian Market has been speaking about the Gojek App for quite some time. Applications are central to the transport industry these days. With more and more people coming in to the market with latest taxi and delivery applications the business has really opened up. Let us now examine some of the most important changes that this app has brought about in this market.

What do we really know about Gojek?

Gojek is a multi-service application. This means it is a single app that caters to all the needs of a person. Gojek started off as an Ojek (scooter) taxi service application but has now become a phenomenon in major urban areas in Indonesia. GO-JEK has quite literally made historical progress in resolving many significant everyday problems like:

  • Traffic,
  • Employment,
  • Community-based existence,
  • Quick and easy taxi booking,
  • Great Service,
  • Amazing Pricing.

Why is this app so good?

The Gojek app has been very popular ever since the app has been launched. The first and foremost thing that one must understand is that the app itself is very good. It has been created by keeping in mind the exact requirement of the people. Anywhere that the User needs something, the Gojek app supplements it. This not only makes it a very reliable medium for providing services but also an effective and profitable medium to make independent Ojek Drivers to get more rides and therefore, earn more money.

Why is Gojek Restricted to this part of the world?

The reason why Gojek was started was because the number of cars in the South East Asian countries is much lower than that in the west. Conventional taxis did not fare very well here because they were:

a. Quite rare
b. Invariably expensive
c. Hard to drive in smaller roads

Now, Ojeks (motor bike taxis), have been around for quite some time. But Gojek was a novelty because it was an app based methodology for bikes. So what Uber did with taxis, Gojek managed to do with Bikes.

If you look closely, you will be able to identify a pattern here. The app has consistently paid heed to what is available and what can be utilized for the best business. It’s like Gojek did not go to sell cotton to a rainforest. It chose to sell umbrellas there. This is why it became so popular.

Encompassing All Services

When you have one solution to all your needs, why would you need to look elsewhere? I mean, imagine if you need to throw a party and walk into a mall to find all your party requirements at one place, wouldn’t that be better?

No one wants to go to one shop, then to the other and then walk a few blocks to find another one. If everything is at one place, it just makes so much sense! That’s exactly what Gojek has done for you. It has created an application which caters to every single requirement in terms of delivery and taxi into one app. So, the user doesn’t need to go anywhere else.

A few problems in the Gojek App

Instantly, isn’t too instant

So a common complaint that many of the Gojek users have reported is that although the app claims instant drivers available, on an average it takes more than 15 to 20 minutes for the Rider to find a Gojek Driver. What’s more one attempt doesn’t cut it. So the Rider has to keep trying at least 4 to 5 times till they actually find the ride. People prefer traveling by a bike because it is much faster than any other transport. But, if the app makes you wait 20 minutes, the whole point is lost, right?

Where’s the Driver

This is a very spooky bug in the Gojek app. Sometimes, when the booking fails, the app promises to find a new driver because the previous one did not go through. However, even though the push notification is showing that the booking hasn’t gone through, the booking page shows a confirmed Driver. On opening the map you will find a vague 10 minutes or so wait time with a pub nub indication with it. But when it comes to the real app, there’s no real booking. Isn’t that spooky?

Map Suggestions are poor

Usually, when you type a half address on the map, it gives you suggestions that have the typed word. However, many customers have complained that the map suggestions are really poor and they have a hard time looking for the right place. That definitely needs some working on.

Taking advantage of the situation

A successful business is mostly all about taking advantage of the situation at the right time. You want to be absolutely certain that the moment there is a particular requirement in the market; you can capitalize on it by offering an equal or better solution to the market.

So, for instance if there are so many bug reports on Gojek, your aim should be being able to provide with an application that supplements the requirements. What is noteworthy is the fact that this business is restricted to a particular set of countries. You can take a big stride and explore newer markets.

Buy your own Gojek Clone

If you wish to start your own Go-Jek like business, there are two ways you can go about it. You can either develop your own app like Go-Jek (or fall prey to unique and new bugs) or buy an already developed application (wise, that one). When you buy a readymade app which is cloned from the Gojek app, you get a tried and tested, completely safe application to launch your business with. There are so many countries to explore that if you launch your own app based multiple service provider app like Gojek in a timely manner, you can be the next big industry mammoth!

Featured Image: Gojek

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