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The once famous putlocker, the website that hordes of people turned to for streaming movies and tv series is down and out. At this critical juncture, we understand the difficulty faced by movie buffs and tv series-binge watchers. We’re here with some much-needed substitute websites to satisfy your appetite.

Having come up in 2011, Putlocker grew in stature and became the go-to site for millions of people until it was shut down in 2016 due to legality issues. From then on, various domains have come up, namely, and The existing one though is became a hit because of the variety of movies and tv shows that it streamed online. They were also categorically organized. streamed movies in 32 languages, some as old as 1940. While being able to search for the movies or shows you wanted, you could also suggest the ones that weren’t there. As a result of all these features, was ranked 420th among the most visited websites on the internet.

So what are some useful alternatives for the regular putlocker customer? Let’s take a look at some binge-watching alternatives.

#1 SolarMovie

SolarMovie is probably the best alternative available to Equipped with a good search engine and filters such as  latest, featured, genres and years, SolarMovie is easily the first recommended an alternative. It boasts a wide collection of movies, tv shows and series.

What makes this website stand out among its competition is the build of the website. It presents content in a simple, clear and concise manner, making it easy for users to search and find exactly what they are looking for.

Like what we talked about? Check out

However, the user is warned that this domain keeps changing since anti-piracy groups are on the hunt all the while.

One huge plus: Simple web interface.

#2 Niter

If you’re a subscriber to Netflix, the Niter interface won’t be anything new for you. The Niter user interface resembles Netflix a lot, with movies appearing in chronological order. You can also search for tv series and movies on the search bar beside having them arranged in categories.

The menu and navigation look really great. You do need to create an account before you can stream any of the content though but that only takes a few minutes. It has a lot of its content from the US.

Give it a try at

One huge plus: The number of ads is lesser than most other sites. It doesn’t open up other tabs every time you click somewhere, which makes the whole streaming process kinda hassle-free.

#3 Hulu

Hulu is different from the rest in that it is paid. But worry not, it does give you access to certain features via a free trial, though you’ll have to pay a small monthly fee of $7.99 in order to access all its features. The interface represents that of putlocker but unlike putlocker, it provides safe browsing. You don’t have to fear piracy issues when you’re here. It’s completely legal. Try these Free Movie Streaming Apps to watch movies.

Hulu’s partnership with famous studios means that they air tv shows before any other website does. What’s more, it even provides live TV for a different plan of $39.99. Hence you can keep tabs on your favorite tv shows if you miss them when they’re aired on TV. But the downside is that it is available only in the US. Considering its popularity, we won’t be surprised if they expand to other nations soon enough.

Get a taste of Hulu at

One huge plus: The Immediate airing of tv shows makes for a huge customer base.

Find difference between Netflix vs Hulu.

#4 Vumoo

Vumoo is another great website you can rely on to give you access to the latest tv shows and movies but you’ll need to know exactly which movie or show you’re gonna be searching for.

Despite having a seemingly good website, certain features like search by genre, country or year seems to be missing. This is a huge deficit. Yet, because of its huge collection of movies, it is popular among users and is a definite alternative for putlocker.

Savor a feel of Vumoo at

One huge plus: An enormous database of movies and shows with latest releases uploaded pretty quickly.

#5 Megashare

Megashare is another great substitute for With categorically listed movies and tv series, it has a very user-friendly interface that can aid the user in his/her search. It also has a large number of movies and shows that keep growing every day.

Check it out at

One huge plus: Just sit back and enjoy the UI. Find almost all the time what you’re looking for.

#6 123Movies

123Movies is much like putlocker in that it has movies and shows arranged according to the genre, country etc. and similar to SolarMovie in that it gives all the description about the movie – the IMDB rating, cast etc. The flurry of ads though can be quite frustrating. Find some Unblocked Movie Sites list here.

Give it a peek at

#7 GoMovies

GoMovies and 123Movies share a database. The UIs are also similar. It is pretty simple to navigate and allows the user to stream selected Motivational movies in HD as well. It’s also a good alternative to Find best Cine Entertainment Site here.

Take a sneak peek into GoMovies.

#8 Primewire

Primewire is another top website that streams media straight to your browser. You get access to not only movies and tv shows but also music. Movies are arranged as playlists as well. All the content is totally free.

Check out

One huge plus: Some movies can also be downloaded.

The putlocker patron will find that these websites stream the requisite content with extremely good quality on-demand. So just chill and Niter or chill and Primewire or chill and whichever you pick!

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