4 Ways To Improve Content Creation Efficiency


Content is one of the main drivers of digital marketing. Of course, creating quality content is not an easy endeavor, it takes research, in-depth knowledge and time. And most of us lack the time factor as it is necessary to produce content in accordance to a certain schedule as well as to maintain the interest of your clients by serving them something new and fresh each time. Now in order to help you improve the content creation process, we have come up with some great pieces of advice. So start reading!

Start by making an itinerary

You don’t have to do everything at once. Start by creating a schedule and separating the content creation process into several stages. The first one would be, of course, writing. So sit down and write down your ideas so that you can form them into a great text later on. The next step you can do the following day after the initial material had some time to rest. So on the second day start your editing process. You can squeeze in formatting as well. So after you have reviewed the written content pick out the appropriate imagery and form the final version of the text. The final step is, naturally posting your content. Again it would be great to wait one more day and look at it with fresh eyes so that you can iron out any possible glitches. So by creating an itinerary such as this one you will be able to avoid the stress of rushing, and you’ll have enough time to ensure that the final version that will reach your customer base is truly the best one.

Make sure you get where you intended to go

This means you should have a clear outline of your content. That way you won’t get lost along the way and forget the real reasons for creating that particular post or article. You need to know what type of message you want to convey, who you are writing it for and also check if they will receive your message loud and clear. All of this aspects are relevant when creating killer content. In addition, you should consider if the content that you create can be repurposed in some other ways. For example, parts of it could end up on quality promotional items that you can redistribute later on. This is also something you should definitely take into consideration when writing your outline.

Listen to your target group

This is an absolute must, feedback is key to create quality content. And with web monitoring providing you with all the best information you can quite easily adjust your content creation so as to make it fit the fresh ideas your customer base wants to hear. If you yourself lack the time to do web monitoring and follow the reactions of your respectful clients or customers. You can always outsource this task or get straight to the finished information provided by some of the leading web monitoring services. And as for social media, the analytics are quite easy to come by, and people aren’t exactly shy about voicing their opinions, so it could be a great way for you to monitor the success of your content.

Those who can’t do, outsource

This not-so-old saying can save you a lot of time and even finances. A lot of companies opt for content creation outsourcing, that says they can just deal with the finished products or add just a bit of input during creation. However, outsourcing content creation, much like anything else requires a lot of research in order to find the best possible service providers. I lot of people offer content creation services these days, but the quality varies substantially, so it is of utmost importance for you to take the time and find the one most suited for your company’s needs, that way you can avoid bad content placement that would take you months to repair.

These four easily applicable options for improving your content creation efficiency are bound to free up your time, make your life a lot easier and enable you to create content worthy of your clients. So start writing!

Lauren Wiseman is marketing specialist, contributor to bizzmarkblog.com and entrepreneur. She helps clients grow their personal and professional brands in fast-changing and demanding market, strongly believing in a holistic approach to business.

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