Maintenance of Substations: Key to Steady Business

The present age is energy peckish, and life comes to a halt if the energy supplies are cut short. It’s not only true for residential reasons, but also for industries and large corporations. So much so that businesses need energy more than residences do. And a minor interruption in the supply could mount up to huge production losses. As a result, these production losses account for revenue loss, which in turn, means that corporates would suffer financial losses.

This article deals with problems (and solutions to them) that can interrupt the power supplies to industries.

Anti-Corrosive Coatings Improve Lifetime

Blackouts are a common issue mounting to production losses. One of the reasons behind these blackouts is reduced insulator resistance due to natural factors like wind, storms, rain, bird droppings, etc. that decay the surface finish of insulators. Additionally, the formation of a mineral layer over the top surface improves the ionic conduction of the current. Combined, these two reasons are adequate for the formation of arc or glazing corona around the insulators. Experts at suggest cleaning and flow painting the surface regularly, to reduce the chances of such cases. They also add, ‘spray coat painting allows you greater control over bubbles, drips, and foam that can cause imperfect coverage.’ It also means that these anti-corrosive coatings can increase the lifetime of the insulators.

Regular Maintenance Can Lower Costs

Equipment failure is often dealt with repairs or replacements, neither of which are cost-effective. Transformers, insulators, load-bearing equipment, etc. can easily be damaged by weatherly agents like rain, snow, dust, and wind. And repairing or even replacing a high-voltage transformer is not at all cheap. Regular maintenance, on the other hand, can help regress the mounting costs of equipment failure. Having general inspections at regular intervals for transformers, insulators, circuit breakers, fuse boxes, etc. can help avoid any damage before it happens. Thus, costing much less than replacement costs over the lifetime of the equipment, along with increasing the lifespan.

Unmaintained Insulators Put Lives At Risk

Failure in electrical components can lead to fatal accidents as well. The depositions on the surface increase the flow of current to lower potential. Since the flowing from higher to lower potential is the electrons’ natural tendency, the increased current flow can lead to short circuits and corona glazing at joints. It could start a fire or cause heavy wires to break-off and fall. Such accidents are pretty common in places where regular maintenance is not followed. Thus, putting lives at risk.

Increased Performance Is Complementary

Considering how regular support can help mend the damages, cleaning and repainting the utility equipment also helps improve performance. An even layer of protective coating on the insulators and other equipment helps increase the resistance to decaying agents. Thus reducing energy losses during transmission and also minimizing blackouts due to failures. Additionally, this also helps upkeep the equipment health which also helps improve the total life of the equipment.

To sum it up, regular maintenance can keep the process rolling and reduce production losses due to utility failures. And subsequently, assisting the growth of any business.

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