How to Get Feedback from Customers in a Restaurant

No matter how good your bar or restaurant is, as being the business holder, you should constantly maintain its positive reputation. On resources, as entrepreneurs can get the required assistance in managing the restaurant business correctly.

Continuous customer satisfaction and fidelity to excellent quality is an integral part of a prosperous restaurant. Therefore, it is very important to take into account what customers say about the restaurant business and what are their experiences.

A Few Restaurant Business Tips

How to find the best way to collect positive feedback from your customers that will help your business continuously exceed your expectations? Below are some tips.

Find out what customers say about your bar or restaurant on popular review sites. – Start with major restaurant review sites to see what people write about their experiences with your place. Customer feedback is helpful but it’s impossible to please everyone, so if you see a couple of negative comments that were left without any obvious reason – take it easy, there are always some haters. However, if you notice a few comments with similar complaints saying something about poor service or parking problems, it’s a good reason to pay attention to the weak places of your business. On the contrary, for example, if you received many positive comments on a certain dish, try to save it in the menu.

Encourage customers to take part in a survey. – A customer survey is a great way to know what customers think about your restaurant. But since most people are always busy, it can be very difficult to attract them to take part in a survey. One way to get feedback is to encourage participants to take the survey by giving them some benefits in return, such as free dessert or a snack. There are many online survey tools available, such as SurveyMonkey, which makes it easy to collect feedback from customers.

Facebook and Instagram voting –  Your Facebook page is a good way to know what your customers want from your bar or restaurant. One way to use Facebook for feedback is to give your customers a short vote. Voting is an easy option that you can use by creating a new entry on your business page. Instagram is also nowadays frequently used to advertise restaurants. The restaurants of Cukor Lviv use their Instagram account to popularize their restaurants, services and dishes among the youngsters by using the visual content and pretty food pictures. They also frequently use Instagram surveys to get statistics and improve their menu.

Tastings – Another useful way to gather some reviews about your restaurant, while you show your loyal customers that you are grateful, is to invite them to take part in an exclusive tasting menu. During the tasting, your customers will have the opportunity to try out the new food masterpieces in your new menu and provide their feedback, as well as to participate in person in choosing what will be on the menu.

In general, the best feedback you can get from your client is regular feedback. Many people are cautious about giving their comments about food, as they are afraid to overdo it with requests to take part in the survey and share their impressions because they do not want to be perceived as pushy and pesky. But don’t let it make you stop asking customers what they think, because when they address their demands to you and they are heard, it will ultimately benefit the quality o your business.

Listen to your customers and make your service better with each customer feedback!

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