Learn These Simple Tips to Understand Drug Charges

There are various types of drug crimes against the law, which attracts severe penalties. The charges range from manufacturing, possession, trafficking, distribution, and cultivation of illegal substances. The associated penalties vary depending on the type of drug involvement.

Some people face imprisonment and other serious felony charges. The charges also vary per state. For instance, some states have legalized certain drugs like marijuana for specific purposes, such as treating certain diseases and recreational purposes. In some states, someone found with a small amount of marijuana may not face severe penalties.

There are various drug crimes under federal and state laws. The federal law attracts longer sentences, unlike state law, which results in short-term sentencing.

No matter the type of drug crime, there can be severe consequences as long as you get convicted of any association with drugs. For instance, drug possession penalties tend to be lighter than the cultivation, distribution, and manufacturing of drugs. In some cases, the defendants can get a plea from prosecutors to help in the investigations and identify the crime leader.

Various factors below determine the severity of the drug charge.

  • The purpose of the drug, whether for personal use or distribution.
  • The people involved in the offense such as minors.
  • More severe consequences for people who possess or distribute drugs near school zones.
  • A criminal record showing the number of times the person has committed the offense or whether it’s a first-time offense.
  • If there was any involvement of dangerous weapons in drug distribution.
  • Type of drugs and the amount involved.

Types of Drug Charges

The charges depend on the kind of action. Below are several examples.

Manufacturing drugs- The use of various substances to cultivate, grow, produce, and manufacture illegal drugs. It’s a serious crime that attracts severe penalties. Before the conviction of an individual, the prosecutors need to prove the manufacturing and possession of drugs. The sentences are different in some states where marijuana is cultivated and manufactured to treat various diseases.

Drug Possession- Drug possession laws differ per state, the type of drugs, and the amount. Federal and state laws prohibit the possession of drugs such as marijuana, and anybody convicted faces drug possession charges with the intent to distribute. A person with a small amount of drug receives a simple possession charge, while a large quantity attracts a charge of possession and other severe penalties.

Drug Trafficking- Federal law prohibits the distribution, selling, and transportation of illegal drugs like cocaine and marijuana. Drug trafficking involves a wide drug distribution. That’s why it’s considered a more severe crime. In some cases, you can get charged for drug distribution since the police would believe that you had the intent to sell the drugs. It attracts three-year imprisonment.

Drug Dealing-Is also referred to as drug selling. It carries severe penalties, and the defining of its consequences varies per state under federal law. If a small amount of drugs is involved, the penalty is lower than larger drug quantities. For instance, one can face up to five years imprisonment and $250,000 when charged for dealing with 50 grams of marijuana, and 1,000-kilogram drug dealing attracts up to 10 years or more.

There are even more severe penalties to those found guilty of selling drugs to a minor. The person can face class F felony charges, and there is no defense if the person wasn’t aware of the child’s age. More so, someone with a criminal drug record can face double fines depending on the charge. The prosecutors need to get evidence such as drug scales, amount, and other tools used in the sale of drugs.

Paraphernalia- These involve advertisements or possession of items associated with the manufacturing, packaging, or storing of illegal drugs. The items include syringes, pipes, bongs, and rolling papers used to inject or inhale.

Anyone found guilty of paraphernalia can face a jail term and other related fines. It’s important to be careful with any items associated with drugs such as bong. Even though the items have specific labels, you could still face drug paraphernalia charges.

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