These 7 Brands Got Video Marketing Right! Take Inspiration Today!

Advancing the digital front has changed the entire marketing game for most companies across the global platform. No doubt that every corporate giant hires the best SEO team available in the market to create content to attract potential traffic towards their site.

But amidst so many marketers, how can your brand make a worthwhile video to attract the onlookers’ attention? That is a serious question that you must be worried about by now. Right from choosing the top-rated slideshow maker to integrating the best video editing policies, your tech team needs to know-it-all.

But is that enough to make a name in the digital world? Let us find out how the top few brands are getting their video marketing strategies to the point and get some profitable expert tips from them:

What Should Be A Brand Video Be About?

If you want to trend on the digital platform, you need to understand some fundamental points.

  • What do you want to accomplish on the digital platform?
  • Who is your target audience?
  • How many resources are you willing to use to upgrade your video editing skills to reach out to the audience?
  • How do you expect the video to propagate your business across the market?
  • What are your expectations?

These might appear to be some primary questions to you, but they help you determine your company’s business requirements. You need to be clear about the digital market and how a video or an image is crucial for advertising your brand on such a platform. The following things are the fundamental aspects to keep in mind while preparing to venture into such a platform:


No matter what you make the video for, it must be able to cast an excellent impression on the onlooker. Be it your CEO or the target audience; your video must accomplish the targeted goals appropriately.


The video must showcase the highlights of your services. But it should also have a subtle blend of factors that can motivate the people to look up to your brand amidst the other competitors on the digital platform.

Connect Emotionally

If you want to address your target audience’s concerns, always focus on establishing a personal connection with them. The more they can connect to the video; it would cast a long-lasting impression on them without any problems. Make sure to choose the appropriate online video editor for creating such an impression.

Remember, even if your video doesn’t advertise your brand directly, it should always tie up the topic with your company’s business. Along with that, the customers should be motivated to direct to your brand page or must be tempted to check out your new launches.

1. Go Live!

One of the fundamental things to know about videos is that you can go live with them. The different social media platforms offer you an excellent way to communicate directly to the audience. You get an exclusive opportunity to share experiences, stories, and different services of your company while being live on such a platform.

By going live with your content, you understand the reactions of your customers as well as their requirements. By directly interacting with them, you understand how much they expect from your brand and their engagement with the same.

2. Invest In Thought Leadership Content

If you carefully examine the leading brands in the market, they do not focus only on making advertising content. Instead, they also focus on sharing content that can motivate the people. That is another way to captivate the users’ attention without going too hard with your company’s content.

Make sure to find a link between the leadership videos and the services you offer in the market. Ask your content creator to be precise and link the messages appropriately with your company’s layouts.

3. Be Comic, Be Logical

Most kids or pet brands in the market often make hilarious videos with the children or the fur babies. Have you noticed how they boldly showcase the integration of their products as they make these comic videos to entertain their audience?

You need to develop strategies to come out of the tedious and repetitive digital content. No user is willing to check out videos with the more or less the same content over and over again. Hence, be logical yet comic while you make marketing videos for your company.

4. Provide Demos

Many reputed cosmetics brands love to invest in the top-rated influencers available on the digital platform. That is because; the users love to see demo videos. You can either create it with your professional team or collaborate with other trending bloggers to provide excellent reviews and demos of your products.

5. Invest in Paid Advertising

You can never go wrong with paid advertisements. In case you are a beginner, it is better to get discovered by the sponsored advertisements on social networking sites.

6. Do Not Forget The Testimonials

Yes, tell a vivid story and link it up with your company’s products. The audience is too bored to get into the mainstream content. So, make testimonials videos which show how genuine and productive your products are.

Many A-listed companies focus on making such content with their users who tell the audiences different stories about their lives and how these products have helped them to transform it into a better one.

7. Thank Them

Yes, as you go live or start your videos, you need to welcome your audience and acknowledge their presence by thanking them for their active participation. It is vital to make your audiences feel respected and exceptional. The customers must identify themselves with the brand and feel that they are active members of the more prominent family.

Final Verdict

If you carefully follow the top brands and their video marketing styles, these points mentioned above are visibly visible in all their content. You can keep exploring the digital market and experiment with these ideas and add them to the list. But in either case, make sure to focus on your audiences and enhance your products to meet their requirements in no time!

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