The Benefits of Exporting Products Overseas with Amazon


Expanding your online business globally is a challenging and intimidating concept especially for smaller sellers. There are overseas logistics, international tax policies and language barriers to consider when looking to expand cross-border, however, there are also a number of advantages to the international expansion of your business. Amazon has marketplaces in thirteen countries allowing third-party sellers to reach millions of customers both locally and internationally. Expanding your Amazon business into global marketplaces is a great way to broaden your reach by leveraging Amazon’s infrastructure and operations that they already have in place for increased sales and revenue. International expansion with Amazon presents a vast opportunity for online retailers to expose their products to new markets and audiences. Here are a few key benefits of selling internationally with Amazon.

Increased Sales Opportunities

With an online presence in multiple marketplaces and sales channels, you are able to reach a wider global audience thereby increasing your sales opportunities tremendously. With the increased number of potential existing Amazon customers, this will help businesses improve to increase their sales revenue. The main advantage of selling internationally on Amazon is the customer acquisition and access to an already established customer base in that marketplace. Amazon is a trusted marketplace and most recognizable with people across the world, not just specific to the United States, therefore, sellers benefit greatly from the trust that customers already have with the Amazon brand. With a growing international presence, you will also get increased brand awareness and recognition. Amazon offers two different ways for existing Amazon sellers to expand their sales channel globally with FBA Export and Amazon Global Selling program.

Simplified Process Using FBA Export

Export your product overseas with Amazon by using their FBA Export program helps sellers expand their online business to over 100 countries reaching millions of customers all over the world. This is an avenue offered by Amazon which will help you reach international customers who are already shopping on Amazon will export orders to your customers using your FBA inventory in the Amazon fulfillment centers. You are able to determine which products you want to enroll in this program as long as they meet Amazon’s export eligibility and criteria. Amazon will handle the order fulfillment for the international orders and also handle the import duty and customs clearance on your behalf to deliver the products to the buyer. The advantages of using this program are that Amazon has simplified the process for the seller, requiring no additional work from the seller. The FBA fees remain the same whether it is being fulfilled locally or internationally as the customer is responsible for paying the international shipping and import duties. Using this program is a great way to test the international market using collected customer data to analyze the opportunity in order to identify the country that you might want to invest a presence in.

Diversify Target Audience with Amazon Global Selling

With Amazon Global Selling program, sellers have access to top international retail markets which enables retailers to expand their business internationally reaching millions of customers worldwide. With operations in the USA, Canada, Mexico, United Kingdom, Germany, France, Italy, Spain, Japan, China, India, Singapore and Australia, Amazon is able to connect retailers to customers worldwide. These marketplaces represent the world’s main e-commerce opportunities for sellers to tap into. Using Amazon Global Selling, sellers are able to introduce their brand and products to customers in all of Amazon’s marketplaces in Asia, Europe, Australia, and North America. Once you are registered to sell on these marketplaces, you are immediately exposed to existing Amazon customers who trust the marketplace. Amazon also provides unified account options to create a seamless and user-friendly interface for sellers. The North America Unified Account enables sellers to manage their account in the US, Canada, and Mexico from one seller account. In Europe, the European Unified Account allows sellers to manage their account in any and all of Amazon’s marketplaces in UK, France, Germany, Italy, and Spain all from a centralized account. Take advantage of Amazon’s FBA program while selling globally which will help eliminate the challenges that sellers might face with order fulfillment, warehousing, and logistics in a foreign country. With FBA, Amazon will handle the entire fulfillment process and customer service with customers in their local language. The tools provided by Amazon within their Global Selling program enables sellers to work with ease while expanding their business internationally.

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With thirteen global marketplaces and customers from over 180 different countries, Amazon is a great starting point for online retailers looking to expand their business internationally with the opportunity to connect to millions of customers worldwide. Going global with Amazon gives you the platform to increase your sales and reach a wider customer base with Amazon’s simplified processes. Making the decision to expand your business internationally can be challenging, but with the right tools and programs used, expanding globally can be a very rewarding growth opportunity for your business. Consult with an Ecommerce specialist agency to ensure you have the right strategy in place to improve your eCommerce performance.

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