How To Grow Your Instagram Following

Social media is more important than it has ever been before. Everyone knew social media was going to be big, but no one expected it to play the vital role that it is playing in business. Small businesses especially have been able to take advantage of social media. Any small business looking to get a little more exposure or grow their brand can use social media. With the right social media tactics, you can get noticed. That being said there social media is not a new concept. There have been a number of companies out there building their brands long before you even planted your seed, so how can you possibly compete with them? That is what you are going to learn to do below.

Reach Out To People

Social media doesn’t have to be about sitting back and attracting attention. You can go out there and communicate with your audience. Don’t wait for your followers to find you go out and find them. You will find that if you find people in your niche and like their photos or drop them a message, you can grow your recognition. Each night before logging off simply check out hashtags and find people within your niche and like their photos. Dropping a nice, little comment doesn’t hurt either. This will not only help you get your name out there, but it allows others it discover you.

Spice Up Your Hashtags

If you are like most Instagram users, you have probably without a doubt noticed the importance of hashtags. Everyone is taking advantage of these caption ideas. The only problem is that they are using one-word hashtags. It can be tempting to use these little quickie words, but you want your hashtags to be meaningful whole getting a point across. You want people to be able to look at your hashtag and know immediately what you are offering.

Consider An Organic Growing Company

If you want to improve your Instagram growth, you can always take advantage of organic growing companies. There are a number of these companies online and they are designed to grow your followers. They do this by logging into your account and posting meaningful content during strategic times of the day and night. They also build followers organically, which means they don’t use bots. Simply put, the followers that you are getting are real people that could potentially lead others to your site.

Ask Questions Or Be Engaging

There is nothing that people like more than giving their opinion. This is especially true when it comes to products and services. When people pay for something they feel like they have the right to voice their opinion about how their money was spent. This makes sense and can be both good and bad for companies. If you are treating your customers right it will be a good thing. This is why you should engage with your audience. Setup a message board where customers can comment about your products or your services. Create little polls that they can fill out and engage with. Giving your audience a voice will go a long way to establishing trust.

Share Your Own Experiences

Most of the time when consumers see a company they just see a name or a brand. If you can get your customers to see you in a different light, you are going to build long-lasting relationships. You can do this by showing yourself as an individual rather than a company. Come out and tell some of your experiences. Why did you start your own business? Why are you so passionate about this niche? Telling your story will help build trust and get you established amongst your audience.

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