Profitable Investing in Student Startups: Top 11 Ones

College students who can manage their time and wish to earn an extra buck should start a startup. It can take away financial problems and attract profitable investing for much more closer step to your dream. Startups in college must be simple and low-cost. We’ve researched the net and asked some students in the business for epic ideas which we share in this article.

1. Start your own blog

Fuel your inspiration and share your college stories through a student blog. As a student, you will have to do a lot of writing. Starting a blog can not only be great writing practice, but can generate a stable income. From all the people we’ve talked to – most suggest starting a blog because it’s so easy to monetize it and make money through affiliate marketing. Besides – it’s not that hard, especially if you’re using WordPress.

2. Start a freelance writing website

There’s always a demand for more writing. Startup companies, link builders, even students buy lots of writing online. Starting a writing website or an essay writing service takes a small team of people and its little effort to maintain. You won’t even have to write – just monitor the process and sit back while the cash flows.

3. Start a VLOG

Jump on YouTube, and there are thousands of popular vloggers who make plenty of money from views. Just capturing university life on film can be lots of fun – and also generate profit. Pewdiepie is the greatest YouTuber of all time – and he started out by playing video games. Now he has got his own clothing brand, his channel has expanded into memes and fun news, and much more. Just take any crazy idea and start shooting – it’s easy.

4. Sell handmade items

Craft-handmade items can be a great source of income for students. It’s a great way to exercise your creativity and eliminate stress by rocking at home. There are plenty of handmade business ideas online. Some popular categories are clothes, sculpture and handmade jewelry which you can easily sell on campus. People are charmed by handmade items and you can sell them for a good price considering that each item is individually crafted and unique.

5. Event planning or parties

College students party a lot. You can get at the helm of these events and organize great parties for your peers. It’s a fun business which can make you popular and showcase your skills as an organizer and leader. Additionally, you can plan charity events or environmental help projects.

6. Graphic design business

Freelance graphic design is an excellent way to exercise your creativity and make money. Visual communication is a big part of our daily life. Companies always search for graphic designers for logos, websites, marketing material and much more. Launching your own graphic design startup is easy, and if you’re good you’ll be in high demand.

7. Fashion photography

Fashion is at the heart of every new cultural movement. Fashion lovers always find new ways to express themselves through clothing. Capturing trendy people on camera and posting these photos on your website or Instagram can gain you followers in an Instant, as it is a huge niche. You can start shooting street photography and expand by shooting your friends or popular trendy people in college.

8. Design clothes

Speaking of fashion, lots of college students start their own clothing brands. From simple things like printing your logo on a t-shirt to really creative designs. It’s easy to promote in college as you can get your friends to wear the march and spread it to people. You can avoid spending lots of money on ordering blank t-shirts by buying basic t-shirt second hand and pimping them out with your design.

9. Reselling vintage clothes

Second-hands are full of treasures. In our city, there is an entire community of people who dig through thrift shops, finding vintage t-shirts of various bands and selling them to music fans. While it takes a lot of digging, this business can generate a good income. They say one man’s trash is another one’s treasure. Buy vintage tees for $1 and resell them for $15 – it’s a great way to make a profit.

10. Create a student magazine

Richard Branson, the owner of the Virgin brand started out by making a popular student magazine called Student in his college. It was a revolutionary idea at the time, as it put students’ ideas at the forefront of college news. Creating a student magazine, you have complete freedom over your content and the college will support you. Although you might not make a lot of cash, you can create compelling content about just anything.

11. Create an app or a video game

Your college will be full of different students studying in different fields. Find peers who’d love to work and let them practice their specialty by creating an app or a video game. Young developers, designers, and copywriters will gladly aid your cause and work as a team. The film Social Network may even inspire you to bring a new idea into the world and make you crazy rich if it’s successfully done.

Key takeaway

It’s important to act on any ideas that you might have to turn them into a real functioning business… if you don’t do it, someone else will! The best part of a low-cost startup is that you can try one business idea and then move onto another. The amount of risk involved is kept to the minimum so what do you have to lose? There is a lot of inspiration to be had while being a student and a whole target market that can be tapped, so always be open to new possibilities and never stop trying. Some of the best ideas presented just require a little time and effort but not much capital. If you do become successful with an amazing idea there are lots of financial schemes to help boost the startup if financial backing is holding you back. So get out there and start something great.

Jennifer Lockman graduated from UCLA majoring in Journalism. Just after the university she has launched an online course for students who are struggling with different essay formats. She has designed it especially for those who have troubles switching from apa essay format to mla or chicago. Now she manages her personal blog giving tips on how to master these styles, how to start your own business after college and general lifestyle as well. You can reach Jennifer here

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