Here’s What Critics Say About Samsung Galaxy S20 Line

Since the beginning of this year, after the foldable phones; the spotlight is upon the Samsung Galaxy S20 line. The upcoming lineup is rumoured to have the spectacular camera setup with the top-notch lens.  Samsung is all set to flaunt the market with their updated S series lineup on February 11th.

The latest class of Samsung S Series include Galaxy S20 5G, S20 Plus 5G and S20 Ultra 5G. Samsung S Series is the finest mobile phone line in the whole samsung mobile phones line.

Samsung has been long working on its 5G networking and Foldable and now the company has amalgamated both to get the best of results. But…. the critics are still critical of the new lineup. Following perspectives are being reviewed even before the launch:

Price Tag

The price tag for the Samsung S series has always been enormous since its beginning even. It has been highly criticized for its “So little innovation and so high prices”. However, its prices never fell. Now the most anticipated series is on its way to begin a new trend. The Samsung S20 lineup has been under the keen observation by the critics since then. The prices are considered to be too high for a traditional smartphone with 5G technology. Not to forget that, Galaxy S20 will cost $850 (900 to 1,000 euros), Galaxy S20 Plus will be highly-priced with $950 (1,050 to 1,100 euros), and the Ultra version of Galaxy S20 will be equally ultra pricy with $1,200.

Camera Specs

Camera specification of the upcoming lineup was clear after this tweet by the famous leakster Ice Universe:

“The telephoto sensor S5KGW2 of the S20 / S20+ is a special pure 64MP camera. It cannot be 4 in 1 combined into 16MP. It will be used for pixel cropping zoom and 8K video”

Possibly, S20 and S20+ will flaunt the 64 MP sensor as their telephoto shooter. The sensor will be Samsung’s ISOCELL Bright GW2 (S5KGW2), a second-generation, improved model of the GW1. This sensor is used in high-end gadgets of Xiaomi phones as well.

It fell down into the hands of criticism. First, the lineup cameras lack pixel-merging process which means the telephoto shooter will capture…lackluster images in lowlight conditions. Secondly, 64MP images are heavy on storage. The photo size could be up to 30MB. As per the claims, the S20 and S20+ will max out at 128 GB of storage. Hence, the user will have to see the “Insufficient Storage” popup, in case of extensive use.


The engines inside the S20 lineup haven’t been announced officially, the rumored specs don’t make a big difference. Galaxy S20 5G will most probably accompany a 128GB RAM, 4,000-mAh battery, and updated Qualcomm Snapdragon 865 processor.  Does a 4000mAh typical battery suits a high-end gadget?

Similarly, the upgraded version Galaxy S20 Pro/Plus 5G will continue with similar RAM and processor but would be better on a battery with 4,500-mAh battery with 25-watt fast charging.

The top-notch version of the lineup is Galaxy S20 Ultra 5G is quite flawless. It has the best of the features: 40-megapixel wide front-facing camera, 108MP primary camera, and amazingly 12GB or 16GB of RAM. The base lineup lackings are upheld by this version with  5,000-mAh battery with optional 45-watt fast-charger and 128GB, 256GB, 512GB internal storage.

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