7 Reasons Why Your Business Website May Be Struggling

For most entrepreneurs, running a business online is crucial for its growth and development. With the increasing number of audience in the virtual world, having a business website can be a great way to promote your online presence. Typically, if you have an active website, reaching more customers and prospects is much easier and faster. Not only that, but it can also offer you more opportunities to generate leads and convert them into sales.

Unfortunately, if your website fails to become your excellent marketing and selling platform, there’s a high chance that it may be struggling to achieve your company’s goals. As such, it’s essential to find out anything that causes the problems.

Below are the seven reasons why your company website may be struggling:

Poor Domain Name Or Website Address

While it may not be as important as other aspects of the website, choosing the right domain name or website address can significantly affect how your site should function as a marketing platform for your business. Typically, the website address or domain name serves as the focal point of information about your company and your products or services.

That’s why if you use a poor web address or domain name, your prospects and customers will less likely go to your website and take action. Consequently, your site will never get noticed by the search engines, which, as a result, put your web pages at the bottom of the search results.

To avoid this problem, choose your domain name wisely. If possible, try to keep it short, simple, and easy to understand. That way, you can reduce the chances of typo and, more importantly, confusion.

Has Poor Navigation And Slow Loading Speed

A great business website comes with excellent navigation features and fast loading speed. Thus, when your site is challenging to navigate and contains slow loading times, you’ll decrease your chances of having higher rankings in the search engines.

In most cases, online users get attracted to websites with accessible navigation properties. They usually stay longer using a site that makes it easy for them to find what they’re searching for. Also, they’ll not walk away from a website that loads quickly.

Hence, if your company website is struggling in getting high search engine rankings, you should start incorporating these elements to create a better version of it. And to help you achieve this, you should learn how to run a technical SEO audit on your site. Remember, performing this kind of audit process is crucial when you’ve made significant changes to your website. Doing so can help you figure out whether the changes have increased both web traffic and page rank. A good solution to such website related issues could be to hire a web development company for consultation or for a complete redesign of your business website.

Not Mobile-Responsive

With more online users who depend on mobile phones for doing some tasks, having a mobile-responsive business website is crucial for generating more leads and conversions and getting high search engine rankings. That’s why if your website can’t load properly on your smartphones, there’s a lesser chance of gaining more web traffic and reaching more prospects and customers.

To avoid this complication, make sure your company website is accessible to mobile phones and other electronic devices. That way, Google and other major search engines can recognize your site for mobile optimization, thereby helping you stay on top of the search results.

Lack Of In-Depth Information On Your Website

To get more visitors to visit your website, you need it to establish authority with search engines like Google. But, if it doesn’t contain useful information, you may find it difficult to generate more leads and sales conversions.

Because of this, you better make your webpages as resourceful as it should be for optimization purposes. Add interesting and helpful information that your visitors are looking for. This can be in the form of blogs, articles, guides, videos, infographics, and many more. The more you incorporate engaging and useful content, the more you become an authority in the industry you’re operating.

Doesn’t Contain A Clear Call-To-Action

Another reason why your site may be struggling to gain more web traffic and high search engine rankings is the lack of a clear call-to-action. Generally, a call-to-action refers to a graphic that encourages online visitors toward making a decision, such as buying your products or services.

Therefore, if your website doesn’t have a call-to-action such as free trials, email subscriptions, downloads, and many more, you’re more likely in trouble. To remedy this issue, integrate a good clear-to-action into your webpages. And in doing so, make sure to use appealing and prominent call-to-action graphics and highlight them in case you place them at the bottom of your web pages.

Has Poor E-commerce Infrastructure

As mentioned, a website isn’t just a marketing channel. However, it can also be used as a selling platform for any business. While you attract people to visit your site, your primary goal is to entice them to make a purchase. However, if your website lacks proper Ecommerce facilities in a way that your visitors can’t complete the buying process, then it’s something that can make your revenues struggle for a long time. Magento is one of the best platform to design an ecoomerce website.

To make sure you’re not sacrificing your profits for this problem, look for the right E-commerce software package in the market today. Make sure the one you choose comes with excellent data protection for payment processing. That way, your customers will see how reliable your company is and will keep on coming back for more business transactions.

Lack of Social Media Presence

With the age of the Internet today, running a website without social media presence is somehow strange. Besides, more and more people are using social media to engage with the different brands in the market. So, if your website doesn’t have a social media presence, your business may find it challenging to engage directly to a broader audience and increase leads and conversions over time.

To get rid of this problem, create social media accounts for your accounts, and hire a social media manager to manage them. By doing this, you can easily connect to your audience anywhere and at any time.

Final Thoughts

If you want to make the full benefit of your company website, it’s imperative to resolve these issues or reasons why your site may be struggling. By getting these problems fixed, you can rest knowing your website will function properly and bring your business to the heights of success.

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