Pointers to Consider When Buying a Diamond Thali

Thali or mangalsutra is a piece of ornament that is highly symbolic and essential in Hindu culture. It may look like an ordinary gold necklace with an elaborate pendant adorned by diamonds, but there is nothing ordinary about the meaning behind wearing it.

In Hindu wedding rituals, the groom ties the diamond thali around the neck of his bride as a sign of the sacred union of their souls. The bride is expected to wear it until her husband’s death.

The original mangalsutra was made using a thread smeared with turmeric powder. Today, thalis are created using different precious metals such as gold, platinum, or silver. Even the pendants evolved from simple designs to elaborate geometric patterns with a diamond highlight.

If you want to share a piece of this sacred Hindu custom, you must know how to buy the right mangalsutra for your needs. Consider the following practical buying tips when looking for the ideal thali:

Find Time to Learn More About the Significance of this Tradition

Before you start browsing online or heading out to a reputable jewelry store to find an exquisite thali, you should first take the time to learn about this religious ornament. This process is particularly essential if you are not familiar with its history and cultural significance.

When you learn more about the symbolism and importance of mangalsutra in your heritage, picking out the right piece will be an experience rather than a mere material purchase. It will also help give you an idea about the type and style of thali that will fit your vision.

Consider Every Design Component Apart from Style

While it is natural for you to pick solely based on aesthetic value, you should not forget to examine the following design components of the thali you are considering:

  • Length of the Chain

The length requirement for mangalsutra varies depending on tradition. Some cultures expect chain length to be as long as 36 inches so that it will be easier to keep it hidden beyond clothing. You can also decide on the chain length based on personal preference.

  • Quality of the Clasp

The clasp may be small, but it needs to be strong enough to withstand normal wear and tear. Note that necklace clasps that are inferior in quality can easily break or can make it challenging for you to put on and take off your thali.

  • Design of the Pendant

From traditional and simple to modern and intricate, you will not run out of pendant design options with a diamond thali. If you are not culturally bound to a single style option, then you can look for patterns and styles that reflect your distinct personality and inner beauty.

  • Quality of Material

Another critical design component that you should not miss is the quality of the thali material. Make sure to choose a jeweler that uses 18k gold if you are buying a diamond mangalsutra since it is much harder than 22k gold and can hold diamonds securely in place.

Do Not Forget About Wearability

Are you planning to wear your diamond thali every day as tradition dictates, or are you just going to use it for special occasions? If you intend to wear your mangalsutra daily, it is best to find a modern design that will suit your day to day style and attire. If you want to limit your thali use to formal and cultural events, however, you should lean towards a more conventional design.

Wearing a diamond thali goes beyond adornment. It is a sacred expression of the unbreakable bond that you share with your spouse. The design and style may evolve with the times, but its spirit will remain. As such, make sure that you are well prepared when you start looking for the perfect mangalsutra for your wedding day.

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