Entertaining And Useful Handmade Easter Basket Ideas for Adults

When you are planning for Easter celebrations, you concentrate a lot on making the kids happy. It is a good thing. But you should never forget that adults want to feel special days too. There are plenty of easter flowers in the market. But how about a DIY easter flower arrangement? Easter should be a time you exercise your creativity.

Since many vendors concentrate on kids’ stuff, it is hard to find easter baskets made for adults. But that should not stop you from sending easter gifts to adults. There are plenty of happy easter basket ideas you can make at home. Also, add some fresh Easter flowers to add life to the basket.

Painted Mason Jar as Easter Basket

When you have no idea what to go with the gorgeous easter flower arrangement, this jar will play magic. It is simple yet a lovely basket idea. Also, it is convenient if you need to travel far to deliver gifts.

This Mason Jar will save on your budget. All you need is to paint the jar to suit the occasion. Then, fill it with Easter goodies, and you are good to go. A few ribbons for decoration will be perfect.

DIY Glittered Pail

How about making use of that pail you bought last year? Sometimes during festivals, we pile things that we won’t use. But that does not mean that your sister will not need it. Thus, use that pail as an Easter Basket. Add some glitters near the base. Then, use colorful ribbons near the mouth. Fill the pail with easter goodies and Eureka! You have a beautiful Easter basket.

Kitchen Easter Gifts Basket

A kitchen basket is not something you will find in the kitchen. It only means a basket filled with kitchen essentials. Many times we concentrate on candies and chocolates. We forget that it will be an honor for a grown-up to receive some kitchen supplies. Add some Easter flowers in the basket to add a festive mood.

Personalized Easter Basket

When you chose to personalize easter baskets, ensure you have enough time to craft them. You’ll need your time and creativity. You can borrow a hand from your kids to do the job. If you don’t have kids or are over at their granny, call in a friend to help decorate.

Choose cheerful colors for the decorations. Also, write their name in beautiful fonts. Then, create a beautiful Easter flower arrangement. Add some egg candies to add festive spirit.

Bunny Easter Basket

Who said adults don’t like dolls? They may not play with them in public, but sure they enjoy cuddling a soft easter bunny. Add some Easter flowers to make the basket beautiful. The easter flower arrangements should make the bunny appear to be hiding in the bush.

Wine Basket

Not everyone enjoys chocolate and candies. Thus, a wine basket would do wonders. Lay the wine bottles carefully between the easter flowers. Ensure that the wine bottle is visible. The intention of the basket will manifest- enjoy and make merry.

Berry Basket

We all pile up berry baskets within the year. Sometimes, you don’t have an idea of how to use the baskets. In most cases, the baskets end up in the trash bin. But do you know you can reuse the berry baskets over the Easter holidays?

Berry baskets look plain, but they are durable. You can paint them and draw bunnies and chicks. Then, stuff your Easter goodies in there. Add a few easter flowers, and your gifts are ready. The size of the best baskets allows you to put limited supplies. Thus, you will have enough gifts for all your friends.

Egg Carton Basket

Easters are all about eggs, bunnies, carrots, chocolates, and candies. Thus, you can convert an egg carton into a beautiful easter basket. You do not need easter flowers here, but a few wouldn’t hurt. Since the basket will only hold egg shapes, add real eggs, candy stuffed plastic eggs, and egg-shaped chocolate. Add a few fruits for the once who do not prefer sugary stuff.

Planter Basket

Maybe you bought several planters the previous season, but you have not used a few. Easter is an excellent time to give away the extra planters. It will save you money to buy a basket. Also, It will be of great use to the one receiving the gifts. A little decoration will transform a plain planter into a beautiful easter basket.

Succulent Basket

When you offer flowers to adults, it’s good to think of a long-lasting type; thus, a succulent Easter basket is a great idea. Decorate the outer basket to keep it in the easter spirit.

Easter Care Package basket

When we say easter care package basket, it does not need to be store-bought. Pack up easter essentials suitable for the whole family in a basket. Top it with some Easter flowers. You will not regret the idea of the homemade Easter Care basket.

In this basket, you can put everything you find useful. Also, you’ll have the choice to add affordable and helpful items.

Easter Popcorn Tin

Other times, you do not need to spend much on an Easter basket. Your whole family can enjoy a large easter popcorn tin this easter season. Make some plain and caramelized popcorns in the tin. Everyone will have fun trying to have an equal share of each flavor.


There are plenty of easter flower arrangements you can practice at home. But that doesn’t mean that flowers are the only gifts you can offer an adult. There are plenty of other Easter gift ideas you can add to the basket.

In this article, we have listed some few gift ideas of adorable easter baskets. But the ideas are not limited to this list. For any homemade basket, you can add anything you find useful for the Easter holidays. Thus, you have no excuse not to send those easter presents.

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