Google Trends: What Digital Marketing Leaders Need to Know

Staying up to date with the hottest trends in digital marketing can be difficult, especially when it seems like there’s a new trend or strategy everywhere you turn. Google is a marketers’ best friend and staying sharp and current on your Google strategy and literacy will ensure a strong marketing strategy. Google Trends is an excellent tool for marketers and can help you effectively target your audience and position your campaigns successfully.

Google Trends allows you to see past and present search trends on just about anything. Users can search terms or topics such as the World Cup or “how do I vote,” and see how interested Google users have been in that subject dating as far back as 2004. You can also narrow down or broaden your results based on geographical location. Trends also offer a feature where you can view what type of search was run, like an image search, news search, Google shopping, or YouTube search.

Using Google Trends is an excellent way to boost your digital marketing strategy, let’s explore the best tips for utilizing this tool successfully.

Conduct Market Research

Google Trends can be used to conduct market research to further your brand. Market research can be used to improve your business in a multitude of ways, including:

  • Launch new products
  • Reposition your brand
  • Build audience trust

Having access to the past and present search interests of consumers is an incredible advantage for brainstorming new product launches. You can look into interest levels over time, dating all the way back to 2004, and see where interest has increased, decreased, or leveled out. You can use this information to appropriately target your product launches to guarantee you are hitting the market with relevance.

Using Google Trends for market research can also be beneficial when it comes time to rebrand your business. The tool allows you to see what marketing trends have remained strong, and which have fallen flat. You can clearly understand the ebb and flow of interest using the graphs Google Trends automatically generates and make informed decisions when it comes to rebranding and repositioning your business. You can effectively target the right audience and build their trust by catering to their needs and interests – which you can learn through Google Trends.

SEO Optimization and Keyword Research

Google Trends can also be used to optimize your SEO strategy using keyword research. Strong SEO is the core of a successful digital marketing strategy. The more relevant your keywords and content are to your target audiences’ search interests, the more likely you will be to show up at the forefront of their searches. Google Trends can be used for keyword research easily.

You can compare two topics or subjects to see how they compete when it comes to search success. There is also a “related queries” section that shows you similar searches that could potentially be more successful than the ones you are currently using. You can easily compile a list of keywords that are relevant to your industry and can be used to effectively target your digital marketing strategy, product launches, and customer experience.

Analyze the Competition

It may not be obvious, but Google Trends can be used to analyze the competition and see where you stand in comparison. You can also use it to compare the competition to one another to determine who comes out on top.

Since Google Trends allows you to revisit data all the way back to 2004, you can view the rise and progress of your competitors to get an idea of the timeline of their success. This is also helpful for future thinking and trying to predict the growth – or fall – of the competition over time. You can get ahead of potential industry booms and try to corner the market with a niche product or service that your competitors have not thought up yet. It is one thing to compete in the same league, but creating an entire league of your own will secure a business that cannot be taken elsewhere.

Google Trends is a Multi-Tool

For marketers, Google Trends is a multi-tool. It can be used to improve and optimize your digital marketing strategy in multiple ways. Google Trends is an excellent source when it comes to market and keyword research, and it allows you to see the popularity of your specific terms or topics, while also providing potential options that are related to your niche.

Using Google Trends for SEO optimization and keyword research can help you guarantee successful content marketing as well. You can tailor your digital marketing strategy to the current interests and trends in your industry and build the foundation necessary to ensure your strategy is successful in the long run.

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