A Practical Guide to Redesign your App

Designs are ever-evolving, what’s relevant and attractive in this generation won’t be attractive in the next. That’s why brands invest so much in the design be it a logo, website, or mobile app. Furthermore, with regards to adjusting to innovation and usefulness, they have to keep experimenting with their design.

It’s rare to find a tech company that hasn’t changed the design since its inception. On average companies redesign their website every three years. So, if you think about the app idea you have or a website that you own will need a redesign in the future to stay relevant because if you wish to drive business, you have to be appropriate. This is where growth-driven design comes into the picture.

Always remember that you can’t completely replace the design. This will account for certain other factors like certificates, users & analytics data that are very useful for business. The best idea is app designing with a distinct touch and having an original identity.

While we start to talk about redesigning, let’s keep in mind the basics will always remain the same as you start with any web or mobile app designing. The three most important factors of design are fantastic Interface, simplicity of the app, and ease of navigation.

Is it a good time to redesign your app?

Organizations change regularly as there are various advantages of mobile apps; these apps also require a fresh look after a certain period.

Every business owner launches an app with the hope of driving business growth through the app. But not all apps are successful. While every day, there are new apps on the app store or play store, the older one slowly becomes irrelevant.

If your application is encountering significant issues with client procurement or maintenance, at that point, an upgrade is likely significant. Be Careful; You could wind up making things worse than they were previously.

So, when you think about a redesign, you are going to need the best app designing company next to you that can also have a look at certain aspects of the app and understand user experience and user metrics to decide to redesign your app.

A few reasons why people often redesign their app :

  •  Low conversion rate : As a business owner, you spend a lot of time and resources in building an app, and then you are always involved in keeping up the app and bear the maintenance costs while you keep adding features to it. But your conversion rate is low, and you aren’t meeting your goals. Before it’s late and you start losing existing customers, maybe it’s time for new app designing.
  • Complicated Interface: This has been said over and over that how important it is to have a great UI, the competitions are tough in the market and if your app designing process includes a complicated user interface or navigations is difficult you are more like not to acquire a customer with such kind of app. Maybe it’s time to redesign.
  • Rebranding: At times businesses consider rebranding themselves and wish to start with a fresh look. Say for example if the company is merging with another brand or they plan to start differently then there is a possibility of rebranding. While rebranding, you want to come back stronger, and you also wish to retain your customers, or you want to follow the trend of branding in the age of social media.

Change in the target audience

This happens a lot of time, as and when you start with an idea and build an app for it considering you already have a target audience in mind. Still, when you hit the market, you realize you have been targeting the wrong audience, and there comes a new strategy which would certainly require a new design.

So, now you know that just getting an app for your business is not enough. But to keep it working and meeting expectations is the essential requirement. But, How do you know if redesigning is the solution or not?

Is the app redesign a solution?

The answer to this is to always listen to what the users have to say about your app. App redesign is a solution if your app rating isn’t good on the app store or play store if your reviews are filled up with complaints about your app that means you have a userbase and you are taking it for granted. It’s a sign that users aren’t happy with your app, and it’s time to redesign.

So, the mistakes were made, and now when you have a new strategy and a new approach towards building an application for your users. You already know what you aren’t supposed to do thanks to your users.

A Practical Guide to Redesign your APP

What are the benefits of redesigning your app?

  • Increased engagement  : As you provide value to your users and you take into account all the reviews and suggestions in designing your new app. It’s time you see an increase in engagement. Users are going to happy and with the latest features and excellent user experience is going to lead to sales.
  • Competitive advantage : You are the newest to the market with a redesign; it’s a competitive advantage. You have the upper hand with your competitors with marketing done right; this could do wonders for your business. You could outperform your closet competitions and start reaping the rewards.
  • Reduced Support cost: Now, while you have redesigned your application and it’s less confusing and more engaging for your customers. You have to spend fewer resources on support with the easy navigation and Interactive interface the customer experience is going to be great and so are the sales.


Redesigning your app is a need of the market if you don’t want to be left behind your competitors. You will have to keep up with the trend, keep reinventing, keep evolving with technology, and added services.
Great design is an ideal mixture of beauty and functionality; that’s where we need to focus while app designing process. While working on it always remember a perfect app is a myth, always treat your app like an ever-evolving application that focuses on consumer’s behaviour.

It helps with a better conversion rate and allows you to acquire a new market with a target audience.

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