6 Easy Tips To Improve Your Lead Conversion With Content Marketing

6 Tips To Write Effective Content

Here are 6 tips to write content for better lead conversion.  Each tip will follow a step-by-step approach so that you can apply them to your business sequentially.

Putting time and effort into creating high-quality content for your business can bring profitable results. In today’s world of digital marketing, everything is being sold at clicks, and businesses are generating better leads. All of this is happening due to a solid marketing strategy. But how can we improve it?

Content marketing strategy is a growth plan for engaging more audiences by educating and informing the online community about your online business’s contributions. To generate better leads, this content should be unique and readable so that it can add value to the user’s query.

But uniqueness and readability are not the only factors involved in it. In this article, we will share 6 easy tips to help you increase lead conversion with content marketing. Each tip will follow a step-by-step approach so that you can apply them to your business sequentially.

Perform Audience Analysis

Now that we have stated a concise plan let us write actual content. Before creating content for lead generation, the first step should be to learn about the persona of your audience. Performing audience analysis is the first step in creating lead-conversion content.

User persona defines what your audience wants or what their requirements are. The lead-generating content should be created by covering and understanding the audience’s needs and relating them to your business’s products and services. Therefore, perform proper research on your audience before writing the content.

Perform Keyword Research

Lead conversion content is incomplete without the necessary keyword research. Keywords are the primary part of your content, and they help the user reach your content via a search engine.

Featuring the right set of keywords can get you better leads than competitors. While finding the keywords for your content, stay focused on primary, secondary, and LSI. 

You can also use keyword research to find the top-ranking pages and the content that generates more traffic. You can create a well-optimized version of lead-conversion content using this information. However, ensure not to stuff keywords in your lead generation content and keep an appropriate keyword density.

Focus on the Search Intent

While writing the content, make sure to keep the search intent in mind. Your content’s title and search engine should relate while featuring the primary keyword in the title. 

For example, if someone is looking for the topic “how to reset an iPhone”, they are not interested in knowing how the interface of the iPhone works. Search engines also value content that focuses on providing concise and straightforward answers. 

Such content can secure chances of featuring in the featured snippet answers, drastically improving your leads by mentioning your content at the top of search results. This type of content is featured in the ‘People also ask’ section as a direct answer to the audience’s query.

Generate content that directly answers the search intent instead of adding fluff content. Posting irrelevant material may reduce your chances of generating leads as it is not focused on what you are supposed to answer.

Optimize for SEO

An important part of SEO is meta descriptions and excerpts. A meta description is that small line of text that appears under your page title in the SERPs. It is supposed to give the searcher an idea of what they can expect to find on that page. If you can include a keyword in the meta description that can improve the technical SEO as well.

Excerpts are small snippets of your content that use some powerful wording to attract a reader’s attention. They are usually given to give a sneak-peak to a blog post. Excerpts are very shareable. They improve the SEO by getting shared and attracting more traffic through those shares. As we know, search engines take into account how many times some content is shared when ranking it. So, creating excerpts to boost sharing is great for SEO.

Both meta descriptions and excerpts can be created by summarizing the relevant content. An excerpt can be created by summarizing a section of your content. Similarly, meta descriptions can be created by summarizing the introductory passage of your content. 

An easy way to create excerpts and meta descriptions is to get summarizing tools to do it. A summarizing tool can automatically create a summary of the given text. It is quite suitable for creating excerpts and conclusions. 

Do note that you may need to edit the results of the summarizing tool. Tools are not good at adjusting keywords in your content, so you may have to do that yourself.

Optimize for Conversions

Once you have entered the content creation phase, the focus should be on the content that helps to generate conversions. The goal of your content marketing strategy should be to create compelling content so that you can capture those leads.

The best practice is to add call-to-actions in content that should be strategically placed in your content.  The CTA should look different from the rest of the content. The bold text aligned in the middle of the page with an eye-catching color can compel your audience to click on it. In addition, the CTA should portray compelling content for the audience so they can click on it.

Make Sure its Unique

To win the trust of your audience, you have to make sure that your content is unique. Plagiarized content can wreck your credibility and it can damage your reputation.

Moreover, search engines also value unique content. Therefore, running your content through a plagiarism detector is recommended before posting it online.

Unique content can generate more leads than repeatedly posted online with the same information. With the help of a plagiarism detector, you can find any areas that need improvement. At the same time, you can save yourself from search engine penalties before publishing content. 

Everything should be unique and readable for your audience, from the topic of your lead-generating content to the subheadings. Therefore, maintain quality with quantity in your lead conversion content.


Lead generation can bring profitable results for an organization looking to survive and thrive in the competitive market. Creating high quality is undoubtedly a necessary part of the lead generation process. But at the same time, you should take the essential measure to create this content to get the best out of it.

This article discussed 6 practical tips that can help you to create lead conversions via content marketing.

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