Ecommerce Growth Hacks You Can Try in 2017

Since the eCommerce business boomed, numerous tactics, processes, and marketing strategies were created by the growth hackers and technical set of people worldwide to ensure smooth transactions of eCommerce business. We all know building an online business is not at all easy, and owing to the competition of the online marketing and promotions it had become prominent to develop and inculcate better marketing strategies to pull more business and customers. This article will be illustrating about eCommerce world and growth hacking tips that will support in enhancing your online business, in turn reaching out to the potential customers.

Overview of growth hacking

Growth hacking is a blessing in disguise for eCommerce businesses and e-retailers. Literally talking Growth hacking is an organized process of swift experimentation and development on all the online marketing channels that in the best way recognizes the effective and efficient ways to promote and develop a brand or business. Another understanding of Growth hacking clearly refers to the combination of both traditional and modern marketing and advertising tactics which eventually leads to business growth.

What do the growth hackers for eCommerce?

To start with the definition from the founder itself:

“A growth hacker is a person whose true worth is growth. Everything they do is scrutinized by its potential impact on scalable growth. – Sean Ellis”

Growth hackers are professionals who are known for taking a big leap in the marketing methods for amplifying your business or brand online. They are qualified engineers and marketers that exclusively focus on structuring and converting users into business. With the advent of numerous methods for marketing online and the level of competition raising the growth hackers usually pay close attention to the conventional methods of marketing that are often quite cost-effective. For instance, social media marketing, targeted marketing or viral advertising, these are traditional forms of marketing for an online business that the growth hackers follow and yield great results.

The Best Growth Hacking Ways to Elevate your eCommerce Business

Ideally, it is considered to be one of the smartest ways to promote your business online but it comes with a lot of professionalism and technical aspects involved. Okay, so let’s get started with some of the important growth hacks for the eCommerce industry.

#1 Let your customers get connected with you over Emails

Emails can be a traditional form of marketing in today’s world but it is one of the best ways to get your customers attention on the right place. Emails are great to announce any product launch, event, new office set up, change of address and like. This will show that you are responsible towards your customers and clients. To receive more traffic and customers attention you can even send emails signups for discounts, offers, sales and etc. This will certainly drag potential customers over your e-retail store.

#2 Give proof of your social presence

Customers love when they get attention. Thus one of the most effective tips of growth hacking is giving your social presence. For example, choose Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr, and like .. to entice your potential customers to directly connect with you. Great images and visual proof of your business will throw light on your reliability factor in the eyes of users/customers. Few websites and big brands use the toggles of social media just on the front page to create a direct presence.

#3 Maintain decent site speed for better conversions

“Slow website, slow growth, slow business”. Page speed and site speed is directly proportional to bounce rate and analytics conversion. Studies show that just one-second-delay in the page load or page response time can lead to 7 percent reduction in the total conversions. Thus, keeping the page load time under 2 seconds is the right growth hacking tip for an eCommerce business. No one would want their customers to bounce back, therefore maintain site speed to lessen the effect of returning customers. This basic tip will help you to boost at least 15 to 20 percent of sales yearly. Do not forget that Google will put your website on a higher rank if it has faster loading time. Lastly, in the era of competition it is imperative that your customers should not be dragged onto your competitor’s website, hence keep the site speed under control.

#4 Push more customers with new user experience (NUX)

This growth hacking tip is only for the customers to return back. This is like whenever a new customer is introduced to your website, do you pay attention to him/her or do you treat them with special offers and dedicated attention on your website? So that the customer comes back to you repeatedly buying more products from you, this becomes possible with new user experience in case you have SaaS products. Then they might get the attention of power users. As you will have only one chance to convert your first time customer into a regular one, therefore use proper tactics and better navigation (step-by-step) to put them at ease.

#5 Million dollar content marketing is the key

Re-shuffling and re-writing or writing fresh blogs and articles are dire need today for the search engines to put your website on page one of the search results. Moreover, the content should be upgraded with new terms and should follow user engagement in the form of infographics, short videos, blogs, articles and like.. Offering user interactive content such as case studies, surveys, statistics, coupons and offers to generate 70 percent more conversions as compared to the passive content written. Growth hackers understand the fact that “Content is the King” thus they make sure to give a fresh appeal to the client’s website.

Growth hacking in the eCommerce world is a remarkable trend that gives us glimpses of the technology to be used in the future as well. These above mentioned hacking tips are just a few out of many, there are variants in the hacks and many are joining new in the list too. Additionally, in the future growth hacking will not be majorly for the startups or medium paced businesses online but for the fortune 500 companies as well.

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