4 Content Marketing Trends and Predictions for 2017


So, the year 2016 ended – for some with a happy note and for few a bit disappointed. By hook or by crook we all finally managed to make the year 2016 grand and productive in terms of businesses and SEO world (especially). No matter how hard it was for the businesses to achieve what they wanted, but definitely the winds will change for good in 2017. Not dragging the topic anymore. We are here to talk about the newest trends that worked well in the realms of content marketing and content syndication and also, what are the predictions for the year 2017. This article will throw some light on the importance of content marketing in the online marketing and digital world of search engine optimization. Moreover, we will learn the trends on content marketing for 2017, coming straight from the experts. All set – keep reading

Importance of content marketing!

They say – “content in the king”, it is stated in the title as well, this adage clearly justifies the importance of content in the online world by personifying it with “KING”. This means content is the strategic approach which is focused on precise, valuable, and consistent content to retain the valued customers and attract potential users. The world is shrinking and has become an abode of the virtual world with almost every business running online. Considering this notion the organizations and businesses are thriving to put good quality content on the websites or on the social media platforms that go beyond the objectives to accomplish the target of reaching directly to the audience.

The SEO experts, digital wizards, and professional bloggers are continuously working on the algorithms of search engines, judging the analytics to give best strategies and planning for content marketing to businesses and the users. With every year passing, certain trends are visible in putting content on social media or on the websites or in any other form that drifts from the traditional methods of content writing. The era has changed on content marketing tremendously and now has become more customer-focused and user-friendly. In the nutshell, content marketing is the backbone of any business to reach heights on the web. If you wish to reach out directly to your targeted customers then putting right and accurate content which engage your users is the need of the hour. Next section is about trends …read more.

Trends and Predictions for Content Marketing in 2017

Before starting the trends please read a note from the experts and content marketing experts: There is no particular order or format for the trends and predictions for content marketing. They are all clearly and significantly depending on analysis, past year’s trends, current scenario of search engines, Google analytics and use of content for promotion.

This year videos will rule

We all love videos, Right? Isn’t it? There are some online marketers who love selling products online, they say, that videos work pretty well with our consumers and they agree that online videos are helpful in generating the highest turnover in terms of ROI. According to Syndacast, – a company that does the survey has predicted that 74 percent of all traffic in 2017 will be generated from videos. This is a huge percentage! Well, talking about social media platforms, like – Facebook, Youtube, and others have already started churning their feeds and introducing new user experiences for videos. Moreover, videos will be helpful for SEO too. So start getting your cameras on the roll.

Content marketing will transcend conventional marketing

People say that traditional advertising will never die away, and yes it is true but newer strategies and innovative approach are quintessential for enhanced content marketing for brands and businesses. We know that lot many brands and e-commerce businesses spend a huge amount of money on content syndication and putting unique content for websites, but that’s not enough. The era is to break the chunk of conventional methods of content writing and bringing newer versions – like Sam from HubSpot foresee that this content trend will lead to generating more leads by which you can monetize your ads and brands effectively on Google and on the web. Also, by including lot of interactive images and maybe infographics can pull great content marketing for your brands. This is likely to hit the charts in 2017.

Immense use of multimedia content

The experts and the SEO companies understand that the content today should be highly interactive and user-engaging. Recently the content has immensely become more visual rather than just words. Online marketers realized the power of visuals long ago. This year -2017 will also see excellent examples and use of visuals and banners. To state an example here – the power of video is already discussed in the above point that is pretty evident on Facebook – where the data of last two years shows that 500 million people are now watching a Facebook video every day. This isn’t a small figure. GIFs are too becoming supplementary popular on all the social media platforms. These examples illustrate that colossal use of multimedia is the new trend in 2017 for exemplary content marketing.

Have a look at some more examples of multimedia content marketing – Pokemon bowled the world with virtual reality, Facebook has introduced 360-degree photo publishing, and lastly, quite a few companies, like Youtube and Facebook, and Instagram (soon) are releasing the feature to broadcast live video. In this competitive content race, multimedia will certainly get you sorted with good business growth.

More Personalized and focused content

Segmentation or bifurcation of the content to reach your potential and prospective clients or consumers is the “in” trend today. Targeting large mass of users at one go is nice but, in the long run, it might lose open ends and fail to reach to all. Thus, if you need more concentrated results than please use more personalized content that directly hit the right chord to the right audience. By dividing into smaller groups the content will definitely yield great results for businesses. For this kind of focused content, proper research and social intelligence will work wonder. Use of demographics and local content marketing will be highly used in 2017. For examples, social platforms where you can use demographics personalized content are – Facebook, LinkedIn, Snapchat, Instagram and like.

This was a sneak peak of some trends and prediction on content marketing for the year 2017 that will hit the road with speed, offering great customer-centric results to brands and business.

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