A Complete Guide on Choosing the Best Sunscreen Lotion in India

Summer is here again and your skin needs more protection from the UA/UV rays. Sun exposure can cause hyperpigmentation and wrinkles on your face. Hence, to protect your skin from sunburn you need to use the best sunscreen in India. You should wear sunscreen lotion all year round. 

One thing to consider when purchasing a sunscreen lotion is to check its SPF. When it comes to skincare you should only go for trusted brands in the market.

Qualities to Look in a Sunscreen Lotion

The following qualities must be checked in a sunscreen lotion:

  • Ingredients Available: The ingredients should include minerals, pure zinc oxide, mineral-combined formulas.
  • Type of Formula: The lotions should be lightweight and creamy or they can have a gel-like finish. The best sunscreen in India should have easy to use sprays. The lotion can be used from face to body.
  • Who can use it?: It is very essential to know which skin type can use the particular sunscreen lotion. The formulas should suit babies and sensitive skin. It should have different SPF levels, must be water-resistant and suitable for all skin types.

How to Know Which is the Best Sunscreen in India?

The best sunscreen can be used by both adults and kids. Besides the SPF level and brand you can choose from two types of sunscreen lotion:

  • Chemical Sunscreen Lotion

This type of lotion is very popular in the market. Chemical sunscreen lotion absorbs the harmful UV rays and protects your skin. These lotions or sprays are also easy to use. The only problem with this lotion is that you need to reapply it more often. 

  • Mineral Sunscreen Lotion or Physical Sunscreen Lotion

This type of lotion forms a layer on your skin to protect it from harmful UVA and UVB rays. The dispersed titanium oxide or zinc oxide formulas application on the skin is a bit difficult. But it lasts for a longer time in comparison to the chemical sunscreen lotion.

Recommended SPF in Best Sunscreen in India

  • SPF 30 or More: The tropical climate in India needs a sunscreen lotion of SPF 30 that can suit all skin types and can be used all year round. In summers if you apply sunscreen lotion below SPF 30 you can get your skin burnt. 
  • Broad Spectrum Sunscreen Lotions: These spectrum formulas will help your skin from getting protection from harmful UVA or UVB rays. UV exposure causes 80% of ageing and also causes skin damage. 
  • Water-Resistant Sunscreen Lotion: No sunscreen lotion can provide 100% water protection. The lotion or spray can be protective in water for 40 mins or 80 mins. Hence, you need to remember to reapply the cream every two hours. Put a proper layer while swimming to protect your skin from getting damaged.
  • Formula: Look at the formula of the sunscreen lotion that is its ingredients and minerals. Depending on your skin type select a lotion, cream or spray. For example, if you have dry skin, sunscreen cream will be more suitable for you. For kids, you can use sprays as they will be convenient to use.
  • Mineral or Chemical: Whether you prefer mineral or chemical is all your choice. But whatever you use, try to use a product that you can use for all 365 days. The UV and UB rays can penetrate your skin even in the middle of winter. Hence, be careful in selecting the sunscreen lotion for daily use.


It does not matter which sunscreen lotion you choose to apply to your skin, only ensure that its SPF is above 30 and suits your skin type. Also, make sure that you apply the sunscreen lotion 15 minutes before heading out in the sun as it will make a protective film around your skin.

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