What To Consider While Aiming For A Face Wash For Your Dry Skin

“Beautiful skin requires the right care not the miracle”

The first thing that we hear after we disclose about our dry skin is “You should get a good moisturizer for your skin.” But aren’t they forgetting face washes are as important as moisturizers to make your skin healthy and radiant? Although it may sound cruel not all of us are blessed with perfect skin hence, we have to make sure we are using the right skincare products to take care of our skin.

However, with a range of face washes available in the market, it can be challenging to pick the perfect one for your dry skin. Fortunately, we have got that part covered with the following post.

Dry skin: face wash guidance you must follow

Deciding on the best face wash for your skin is no less than a dart game, either you win everything or lose it all. The right face wash can bless you with a bright complexion, cleansed skin, and prevent breakouts from core to surface. As experts suggest “you should always listen to your skin while choosing a face wash.”

First step: Understand your skin

Right before you hit an online website to shop for face wash understand your skin. As for cleansing, your skin is crucial for overall hygiene and health, you should always aim for the one that suits your skin perfectly. An ideal cleanser should perfectly fit your skin neither too rich to clog the pores and cause pimples or too harsh to irritate your skin. Therefore, know your skin type before hitting the e-commerce shop to buy the face wash.

Second step: Learn why cleansing is a hassle for dry skin?

The scientific explanation why people have dry skin is because they have low sebum (natural oil) in their skin- causing dryness and cracks. In some cases, people also suffer from a special skin condition that makes their skin dry and itchy.

On the top, what makes cleansing the dry skin such a task is because the majority of face washes in the market are created to remove oil and dirt from the face and in this process, they also strip off the natural oil from the face. Trying any of these cleansers with your dry skin will do more harm than good. So, it is important to find the right face wash for your dry skin.

What to avoid?

While choosing a face wash for the dry skin ingredients like sodium lauryl sulfate, alcohol, dyes, fragrances, and parabens can dry your skin further than it already is.

What to look for in a face wash?

For dry skin, you must always look for pH balancing. As our skin has a protective layer that contains sebum and lactic acid and amino acids- you should aim for a cleanser that doesn’t strip off the skin of its natural pH.

Moisturizing and hydrating face washes made from shea butter and oatmeal can help to avoid cracking skin while making it healthy and happy.

Choosing the right face wash for the dry skin type can seem like an uphill battle but thankfully IKKAI is just around the corner with the best face washes for all the skin types. Under the reliable name of Lotus Herbal product, IKKAI is there to help you achieve your dream skin with the range of skincare products at an affordable price. Feel free to check out the website to learn more!

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