Benefits of Hiring the Right Richmond Security Guard Company

Security guard companies are set up to provide surveillance and protection for their clients. These clients may be private (residential), commercial or government. It is the duty of these companies to ensure that their personnel are properly trained for the task that they would be hired to perform.

In a situation where a crime is committed in any premises where these guards are, they are usually the first respondents. Their presence usually helps to keep criminals at bay or at least make them think twice about committing any crime in the vicinity.

The city of Richmond is one of the most largely populated cities in Virginia. The large population of the city means that there is a higher possibility for crime.

It is on record that the crime rate in Richmond is about 60 percent higher than the average of the state and 17 percent higher than the average at a national level.

That said however, the rate of crime is not on the increase but rather decreasing which is good news for intending migrants and even current residents.

Richmond is known for its restaurants and rich history and there are also big and small businesses in the city. This coupled with the teeming population means that the services of security guard companies in Richmond are highly needed.

Duties of Security Guards

Security companies would usually train their personnel to carry out the following duties:-

Security Checks for Restricted Areas

Many businesses have restricted areas that are for specific people. Knowing what human nature is we know that some people would want to enter such places. Apart from that, criminals also would like to go into those areas.

These personnel are therefore trained to check the credentials/authorization of anyone entering those areas.  Think of businesses like banks or jewelry stores or other big businesses that have valuables (both tangible and intangible); what would happen if there are no security guards at such places?

Ensure That People Do Not Enter The Premises With Illegal Goods

Another important task that they carry out is ensuring that people do not enter your premises with illegal goods. One good example is frisking people for guns or other forms of weapons when they are entering a bank.

On the other hand, they also ensure that people do not leave your premises with goods that do not belong to them. One example is hotel staff; some of them would gladly make away with valuables if there are no measures to ensure otherwise.


One key task that security guards have is to monitor an environment. This would ensure that any suspicious move is investigated and any intended crime forestalled. Apart from surveillance cameras, the presence of these guards helps to curtail activities such as shoplifting.

Check out this site for more on security surveillance:

Secure A Business Premises After Hours

This task is also part of surveillance as they have to monitor the business area at all times. No matter the number of security cameras you have, human presence is highly important.

Benefits of Having Security Guards for Your Business

These duties that we have mentioned help you to rest easy and concentrate on other areas of business. This therefore brings us to more of the benefits of hiring security guards.

There are many reasons why you need these operatives as part of your business and we would state these benefits below:-

A Sense of Safety/Security 

Customers tend to relax more when they come into a business establishment that have these operatives. They have a sense of safety or security that there are trained personnel on ground to keep them safe.

More so, the business owner can rest easy that miscreants would not target their business because of the presence of these people.

This is a very important benefit for companies that are in areas with a high crime rate. Customers would feel more confident transacting business when they know that their safety is top priority.

Prevention of Crime 

Like we mentioned before, the presence of a uniformed and armed guard is a great deterrent for criminals. Aside from that, these operatives are trained to spot unusual details and suspicious goings on in an environment.

They know what constitutes a breach of security and due to their training; they know what to do in such situations.

First Responder Status 

Most security operatives are trained not only in handling criminals but also as first responders. They know how to respond when a crime is in progress to avert more damage.

Additionally, some of them know first aid and steps to take in case of medical emergency. Read this article to find out how you can also be of help in a medical emergency.

Real Time Physical Monitoring 

As great as it is to have surveillance cameras in place, they cannot prevent crime. The best they can do for you is to apprehend the criminal; after the fact. But with these operatives on ground, some levels of crime can be prevented.

How To Hire The Right Security Company For Your Business

Now that you have seen the benefits of having the presence of these operatives in your organization, there are some things you have to consider before hiring one.  We would just give you a brief list:-

  1. Hire a company that operates locally rather than one that’s a part of a national chain. This is especially if you are a small business.
  2. Check the reputation of the company on independent review sites.
  3. Find out how they train their staff.
  4. Check out how flexible their services.

These and many more are factor to consider before hiring these safety operatives for your business.


Getting the right security guard company for your business should be your top priority. This is because there are a lot of benefits to be derived from their services.

We believe that this article would help you in some ways to make an informed decision about the security of your company.

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