How to choose the right Boxed Packaging Goods in sync with its uses

Boxed Packaged goods are required for commodities to be securely packed in a box. The aim of using boxed packaged goods is to protect the products from getting damaged while in transit and delivering them to the consumer. This way it safeguards the merchandise and makes the process of shipping easier.

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Boxed Packaging types have revolutionized the domain of e-commerce as there are numerous options available right from the smallest product to even shipping any huge item. It has made transportation easy and the to and fro of the goods easier.

However, there are different types of packaging options available and one needs to ensure that the right packaging material is used to ensure the safety of the goods during shipping.

There are several advantages of using packaging boxes and they are-

  • Not only do they serve as a robust protection material but also are a perfect way of advertising and using it as a sales and marketing tool. In short, it is a perfect branding tool that can create a good image for the organization in the long run.
  • According to research, the packaging design influences the purchasing decisions of the modern consumer.
  • It also protects in several ways such as it avoids the damage due to the vibration, temperatures, and shifting during transit.
  • During transportation, there is also a probability that the goods might get lost or damaged. Boxed packaged merchandise comes with packing slips which makes it easier for identification and recognition.
  • It also makes handling easier and in an emergency to store the packaged box in a warehouse. It also makes transferring the goods easier and to identify and track the items.

Checklist for choosing the right boxed packaged goods-

  • Identify your product’s requirements such as weight, durability, and the size and shape of the packaging material.
  • Understand your product’s fragility. If they are of glass, clay, or porcelain they may require extra protection.
  • Sealing the box with the right type along with the right width is extremely crucial. If possible avoid using strings or any kind of straps or they may damage the heavier products.
  • An H taping method is normally recommended for sealing boxed packaged goods as they prevent the packaged box from flapping during transportation and delivery.
  • It is recommended to wrap all the items separately as it will prevent them from moving around and getting damaged in the process.
  • Also, make sure there is enough cushioning to prevent the products from rolling around in transit.

 Types of Packaging and its benefits-

Packaged Boxed Goods are one of the crucial elements while shipping any goods as they add a certain value to the product. As there is a wide range of options available in the market it can be confusing as to which packaging material to choose for your product that will deliver protection, value, and cost for money.

Below we have enlisted different types of Boxed Packaged commodities options for you to choose the right one which will improve the product safety and also enhance the customer experience in the long run.

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  • Paperboard Boxes

One of the most commonly used boxes for packing is the paper board box. They are the least expensive and one of the most easily available items. They are used for packing very different products right from fast food products to fragile display items. Another advantage is that it is recyclable and is made with 100% sustainable material. It can be easily molded in different shapes and sizes.

  • Corrugated Boxes

Corrugated boxes are most commonly known as cardboard boxes. They are typically used for the export of cargo and retail packaging.  They are also used for the food and packaging industry, for keeping office supplies and stationery, and are also used for textiles and packaging of electronic goods. They are like disposable containers whose sides are made up of different layers which include an inner layer, outer layer, and middle layer. Corrugated boxes are also recyclable, and can be customized to any form.

  • Plastics

Although the use of plastics does have several environmental disadvantages, it is nevertheless one of the most preferred choices for Packaged Boxed Goods any goods. Plastic packing is extremely strong, durable, and very resistant to any kind of dirt or moisture. Plastic packaging is lightweight, highly inexpensive, and can be shaped in a variety of forms.

  • Cotton Bags

One of the most natural and sustainable sources of packaging material is cotton bags.  One of the biggest advantages is that they are reusable and provide zero disadvantages to the environment. It is popularly used for textiles, apparel, clothing, and packaging.  Cotton bags are also larger and are capable of holding more than one item. They also can be easily cleaned and generally can be used for many years.

  • Jute Bags

Jute Bags are getting increasingly popular in the same way as cotton bags due to their durability and sustainable usage. Along with that they also can be reused and make for your preferred choice of shopping bags due to their strong durability. They also can be used for agricultural packaging. They are also cheaper than cotton bags and with high tensile strength. Jute bags are extremely cost-effective and carry an eye-catching and fashionable statement as opposed to the material.

  • Rigid Boxes

Luxury retail items which typically possess exuberance, abundance, and style need to be packed in certain types of boxes where extra care will be taken. E.g. it can be a Rolex watch, a Prada bag, Montblanc pens, or Ralph Lauren merchandise. All these are considered luxury items as the demand increases comparatively less than the income of the person. For the above goods, a Rigid box packaging material is used. This is because they have the required robustness to protect luxury items. They are made of condensed paperboard which is around 4 times thicker as compared to a normal paperboard.

Another advantage is that these Boxed Packaged goods are highly customizable; you can also print them, laminate them and or give them a shiny coating. However, when it comes to pricing they are one of the most expensive package products due to the kind of materials used for them and since they are used in the premium goods category.

  • Chipboards

Chipboards come under the category of plastic boards and are made from reclaimed paper. They are also one of the most preferred packaging items as they are made from recyclable materials and are extremely inexpensive. They are available both in heavy material and also light material. It also takes up far less space as compared to the other packaging options and has the least risk of getting damaged or crushed. They are also much thinner than corrugated ones and are very easier to cut. They are used in retail and food sectors due to their features and this demand will continue to grow in the years to come.

  • Foil Seal Bags

They are typically vacuum sealed and provide 100 percent protection from the external environment. Smaller goods such as apparel, silicon chips, and textiles are used when packing for the Foil sealed bags.

The biggest advantage is that it protects against moisture and UV rays. It is also helpful in saving space as it helps in condensing the products and is also an affordable option. However, they cannot be used for packing any kind of premium products.

  • Bubble Mailers

One of the most easiest and convenient ways of especially packing small goods is bubble mailers. They are one of the best choices as they can be easily shipped and are an extremely convenient way to pack goods. Bubble mailers packaging materials also have the extra protection of bubble mailers which provide the required insulation to the items which are kept inside. They are also available in a wide range of sizes, and also provide a better level of protection without the need of having any bulky boxes. One of the biggest advantages is that they are waterproof and can be used when transporting material or products in the rain.

  • Wooden Boxes

Wooden boxes are used in the outer packaging of very high-value goods such as health care products, wine, and other valuable commodities. Wooden boxes typically have an exquisite appearance and are made with sophisticated materials. Moreover, such types of Boxed Packaged goods are durable as they are made from wood and can be used for a long period since it is very strong. Another advantage is that wood provides optimum space utilization and wooden boxes can be easily stacked one upon the other which is useful for saving a lot of space, especially in the shipment of the product.

Boxed Packaging of goods involves striking a perfect balance of usability, style, and practicality. The packaging material needs to serve the purpose at the same time the appearance needs to be creative, and modern with a contemporary look. It is important that any kind of Boxed Packaged wares must look professional at the same time serve the purpose.

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