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Duegi Company prides itself in manufacturing boxes for their customers. Their main objective is to ensure the customers are always satisfied with the end product. They produce high-quality boxes made of quality material and sell them at favorable prices. The company has been in existence for more than 40 years meaning that they have a ton of experience in manufacturing high standard boxes.

With the 40 years’ experience, the company has been putting all that expertise learned back into the production process to produce more high-quality boxes. They are looking to incorporate the knowledge acquired to add more spice and glamor to their end products. Through experimentation and intense research, the company has been able to come up with the finest boxes made of quality material.

Duegi offers innovative solutions to their customers by looking at the current market trends to satisfy their expectations and taste on the type of boxes they desire.

Scatolificio Duegi Products

Below are some of the boxes that Duegi produces:

  • Silver plum

It is a box for apparel and shirts and has a silver ring. The bottom and the top of this box are of the same height. The box is typically covered with a solid pearl paper that is embossed.

  • O box

It is a customized cardboard type of box that is used by customers. The product is simply placed in the box where it is safe. The box can be made depending on the type of product you want to store in it.

  • Tic tac

These are food boxes. It has a top lid and its bottom is wrapped using a blue paper. The middle part of this box is a visible strip that is refined in a wrapping made of golden paper. This box is also very customizable and it can be produced according to the specifications of the client on paper wrapping and printing.

  • Wave

They are boxes made specifically for eyeglasses. It is a top and bottom product and can also be produced with any kind of paper covering or printing.

  • Cinture

It is the perfect box for any leather items you could be having like a belt. It is also highly customizable as you can get one with the color you fancy.

  • Duegi

It is a shoebox where you can safely store your shoes. If you want to gift someone a pair of shoes you can consider ordering for this box. It will be customized according to the specifications you provide.

Packaging Premiere Exhibition

Scatolificio 2G being a manufacturer for boxes to store shirts, shoes, eyewear, cosmetics, jewels, etc will be attending the packaging premiere exhibition on dates 15, 16 and 17 of May 2018. The company cooperates with other fashion houses in creating customized luxurious boxes for fashionable items. Boxes manufactured by Duegi are made of recyclable material.

The company is situated in Padua which is close to Venice which is known as the capital of fashion. They produce articulate boxes designed by top designers with unique styles giving the boxes a touch of class.

Production Process

Duegi applies a sophisticated process in the production of the boxes to ensure they create unique and state of the art boxes. The staff is usually directly involved in the production in virtually every stage. Since Duegi focuses on customer satisfaction, they will suggest any improvements that can be done on your box according to your requirements to add more value to it. Here is the process involved:

Step 1: Meeting the customer

It is the initial stage in the production of the boxes. The company meets up with the client and they will say what they need. Duegi then looks at the possibilities of adding any value to what the customer wants and suggests it to the customer.

Step 2: Proposal

In this step, the proposal is drafted by the company having in mind the logistics, quality, time-frame, etc.

Step 3: Prototype

Duegi has a norm that for every box they are going to produce specifically for a customer, they must first produce a sample of the final product. The sample is given to the customer so they can assess how the final product will appear.

Step 4: Actual production

Duegi will then carry on with the production process and produce for you quality boxes according to your specific needs and instructions.

Step 5: Palletization

The boxes are then placed in packaging or pallets ready for transportation. Duegi will transport the shipment to your premises upon your request after everything has been finalized.

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